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Technology Crimes: How Spy Apps Can Help

In this age of technology where gadgets and gizmos off all kinds claim to have made life a billion times easier, yet at the obliterated things like privacy and security completely. Today,

4 Business Tech Innovations in 2016

Progress leaves no stone unturned and no man behind. Almost every single technological innovation, affects our society in ways we can’t even fathom, but we do not benefit from this in our private lives


Too much sitting does a lot of harm to general body health. However, many people spend a lot of time seated while doing their day activities. Most people working in offices are required

What Can We Expect from Lenovo’s YOGA Releases?

While some fans argue what is more efficient between laptop and tablet, Lenovo decided to reconcile these two belligerent sides once and for all. Namely, with the release of their state-of-art convertible

A Look Back at the 10 Best Gadgets of 2015

Even though 2015 seemed like a year of big technological innovations, such as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket landing and Google’s investment in quantum computing, quality of life upgrades in the technology we

How to Hack Android Phone for Free Apps

80% of smartphones have Google’s Android operating system. Android phones are more than just phones; they contain pictures, email, social media accounts, latest tech videos, text messages, videos, audio files, and documents.

Essential Tips to Maximize Your WordPress Websites

SERP WordPress traffic optimization  Nowadays, most of the bloggers are damn crazy about their Google ranking of blogs but many of us don’t really realize that how any of our posts is

Transform PST Files To NSF With Outlook to Notes Utility

Outlook To Notes is an outstanding utility that is solely designed for the conversion of Outlook PST files to Lotus Notes NSF files. The software facilitates the conversion of entire data stored

Essential Event Planning Apps

An event planner’s job is never an easy one. Between managing the checklists and scraping on the bottom of budget cauldron, even a slightest error can turn into a total disaster. Luckily, there

When Will Nokia Release the N1 Tablet in the UK

When Nokia released the new N1 Tablet in China this February, the product was completely sold out within a mere four minutes. The tablet is fairly low cost compared with most of its competitors, and