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Unexpected Costs that Arise When You Start A Business

Opening a business can be exciting, but many first-time business owners don’t know the first thing about financing a business, aside from the basics. They don’t realize that there are costs along

Hacker-proof Your Website with These Proven Techniques

Hackers. They are wise and wild kind. They manage to find some loophole or backdoor in a system and steal their way into innocent websites. Once inside, they inject and infect the

How to Secure Your Data On Cloud Storage

We hear stories about the data being hacked from a company’s or celebrity’s cloud storage ever so often. However, what we fail to comprehend is that something similar could happen to us

Preetiya Hesare Neenu – Unplugged Acoustic Cover by Prajwal Kumar

  Credit: Prajwal Kumar Movie: Happy New Year (Kannada) Music: Raghu Dixit Lyrics: Vasuki Vaibhav and Raghavendra V Kamath Singer: Raghu Dixit Artist Bio: This video has been published by Prajwal Kumar, he is a

The Importance Of Big Data Analytics In The Modern Retail World

  Browse, click, and pay—this has become the new mantra for shopping in today’s world. With hardly any time to spare to check out products in retail outlets, compare the prices, and

SME Growth Tips from Old Pros

Did you know that the entire operations of the Dell computers started from a dorm room? Michael Dell founded the company named PC Limited, while he was attending University of Texas. His business

Comparing Online v/s Offline PDF to JPG Converters

At times the thought of converting each pdf to image can be tiresome. With new software and technology, you can take care of such problem with ease these days. In fact it

Tips on Converting JPG Files to Word Files

Let’s say that you are given an assignment in college that consists of taking a long document and editing it properly. Of course, the first thought that crosses your mind would be

Getting in on the E-commerce Business for Triumphant Profit

The rapid growth of e-commerce in the last few years is undeniable, and if you want your business to be successful, you will have to learn the secrets behind running an e-commerce

Are You The Boss? Here’s What You Need To Learn

Having leadership skills is important for a business owner to possess. What does it mean to be the boss? It is about being a convincing leader. Success is not guaranteed by being