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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is indeed one of the finest products at present to save scratched DVD Disc to new movie file. Its ability to fix the unreadable sections of the DVD or the scratched sections is simply effortless. In no time one can turn the old abandoned DVD into a perfectly functional. It can be useful in converting the old DVDs into a perfect digital movie for sleek performance on large screen devices like PCs.

Most effective for 99-Title DVD

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum being enriched with its intuitive DVD scanning system and the latest title detecting functionality holds the ability to swiftly call handy decryption module to turn all types of DVD independent of being region specific. Specifically, this feature works fantastic for the latest 99 titles DVD. The best part, it can thoroughly support any read-only DVDs. Among other features, its ability to auto-detect the main title makes it significant.

Easy to save Content from Disc to Digital

When it comes to saving contents from the discs to digital platforms, there is no replacement for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. It currently supports more than 350 profiles for any video format. No matter you require converting Rip DVD to MP4 or DVD to ISO image; all tasks can be thoroughly handled through this tool. It also enables users to crop or trim the DVDs, at the same time enabling them in adding subtitles.

Rip DVD to MP4

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Effective Ripping & Clone Ability with 350+ Profiles

This incredible tool enables the Rip DVD Disc to any digital formats for genuine usage, as well as for storing contents. With its feature of DVD to mobile devices, it enables the users in enjoying free playback anytime, anywhere. Similar is the case about DVD to web video formats as well, enabling the users for uploading or editing. It produces an incredible 1:1 Clone DVD to ISO Image.

High Quality ensured through Dual Quality Engine

Enriched with the “Yadif Double Frames” De-interlacing Engine, it holds the ability to change the DVD integrated scanning mode to progressive scan for enhancing the quality of the output vide. The best image quality can be expected through its High-Quality Engine.

Convert into a digital mode in no time

WinX DVD Ripper is user-friendly. Any level of user can thoroughly use it. Those are having least expertise in technical affairs can also work with it thoroughly. It becomes a matter of five minutes maximum to digitize the DVDs.

The tool comes with its native level 3 hardware acceleration features, which is powered by Intel QSV and NVIDIA for faster DVD video processing. Check here to know why we need hardware acceleration in DVD disc to digital movie conversion >>

Convert into a digital mode

The auto-detect feature, and enabling user to choose Hardware Accelerator

The recently launched WinX DVD Ripper comes with the incredible features of automatically checking the hardware accelerator that is supported by the user’s PC.  Moreover, it also thoroughly makes use of the GPU in larger screen devices to enhance the process of video conversion without involving the need for manual checking and selection.

How effective can be Hardware Acceleration in DVD Conversion? Read about our tested report:

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum facilitates greater hardware acceleration which is crucial in DVD conversion. Hardware accelerators are always crucial for improving performance in coordinated digital field. To be specific, the performances of gaming, portrait making, image algorithm, etc can be developed in a noteworthy fashion.

In fact, hardware acceleration can excel is coordinated computing. As a result of which, 192 stream processing unit can be functioned equivalently on GeForce 200 graphics card. Hardware acceleration can drive video processing in a much faster rate. For example, the speed of rendering a 30 second AVC or mp4 movie file, in case of video rending with GPU, can be enhanced to 4-5 times with the help of CPU only.

It is here to mention that after comparing many, we have come to the conclusion that WinX DVD Ripper is currently the most efficient and fastest Disc to digital software. In fact, it is the explicit name as a DVD Ripper supporting the Level-3 hardware acceleration.


WinX DVD Ripper

We went for ripping a DVD through WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. While doing this we turned on the GPU accelerator. Through the process the encrypted 132 minute movie DVD at a genuine Windows OS operated PC was tested. It was a 64 bit Windows operated device with Intel Core i7-8700K CPU, in combination with 16 GB RAM.

Interesting here is to note that the ripping process took only around 9 minutes for completion, at an average of 385 FPS, in comparison with 16.29 minutes at a maximum 201 FPS through usage of software based encoding and decoding. Ultimately, the GPU acceleration was found to be increasing around 50% in comparison with CPU in DVD ripping.

The best part about WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is that it can even digitize the ordinary DVDs, at the same time safeguarding DVD-ROM for greater endurance. At the same time the ripping process goes on, other tasks can be performed on the same computer as well.

In short, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can be the most efficient tool to convert old DVD disc to new movie. Good news is that this is the best time to have this great tool. Buyers can enjoy an incredible giveaway as per which the tool can be bought at a discounted price that starts from $19.95.

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