Too much sitting does a lot of harm to general body health. However, many people spend a lot of time seated while doing their day activities. Most people working in offices are required to sit behind a computer for the better part of their working day. Too much sitting has led to an alarming increase in people suffering from obesity. It is a notion that an hour of exercising every day will help you offset the damage done to your body by the extended sitting. However, research shows that an hour of exercising is never enough for many people. Suggestions have been made that such people should walk for at least two hours of the daily working hours. With advanced technology, pedometer gadgets have been created to help keep track of the distance covered, steps made and some calories lost. This will help people working in the office to know how much they need to burn in a day so as to improve their health. Various pedometer Apps can be downloaded and installed on Android and smartphones.


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This App is ranked second on all the health and fitness Apps. The main reason is that it has a fantastic pedometer feature. It has a simple user interface making it easy to use and read. It incorporates many features that help a person to monitor their workout. The app has a weather monitor, and this makes it easy to plan for your workout activities. Apart from just counting your steps, Argus takes into account the distance you cover & the number of calories you burn in your walking. It will also record the times of the day you were active walking around and when you sat still, and it is showed it on the screen. This will help you plan on when you can take the time to move away from your desk and pick some documents from the photocopier. Through the social networking feature in the app, you can also find other workout activities you can be involved in other than walking. It also tracks your sleeping pattern, food and caffeine intake. Check for gadget news about your phone type to see if it supports the app.


This app is free for iPhone and Android phones. It is simpler and does not contain as many widgets as Argus. It performs the same way as Argus. The app shows all the days steps, when they were taken and what amount of calories was burnt in the day. It has chart options that you can activate to give you a better comparison of your day’s activities and those of the past. Better still, it will give projections on your workout requirements so as to keep fit and help lose the necessary amount of calories. Any day you fall short of what you are required, it alerts you so that you can recover on the following day. The free version will come with another add-on in trial version. An example is the weight tracker that is available for free in the first three days.


This performs just like the above apps. It takes into account your daily steps and the number of calories burnt. It, however, has some additional features that make it unique and a wonderful app. It has the top bar that shows your daily achievements with a color code. Red, which is a sign of danger, shows that you are below the half mark of your daily achievement requirements. This bar will be orange if you hit above the halfway mark. Green which signifies safe is when you have fully achieved your daily requirement. Another important feature is that you can scroll to view your progress in days, weeks, months and even years. The app will give you updated information on your screen. It is not a real-time information, but it refreshes quite often. Also, this app does not make your data available to advertisers. However, you can export your data whenever you like.


This app calculates the steps took per day and the calories lost. However, it works on a goal basis. The user sets their daily targets. It will display what you have achieved and the remaining portion. As you start and you are way below your target, the rest will be shown in large bold numbers. As you get closer to the goal, what you are yet to cover will show in the large numbers.


This app is different from Steps mentioned here above. This allows the user to make a daily target. The target will then be shown as a percentage. The Steps app uses blue and purple colors. When you are starting, the app will display a blue color in the background. As you progress, the blue color will fade, and some purple will set in the app. Towards the end, and when you are close to the target, it will be in purple color. Steps have latest tech videos that guide you on how to use the app.


Take a step to monitor your workout today. This will help you to maintain good health. Most pedometer apps will not use GPS and will thus spare you on internet and battery life.

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