Essential Event Planning Apps

An event planner’s job is never an easy one. Between managing the checklists and scraping on the bottom of budget cauldron, even a slightest error can turn into a total disaster. Luckily, there are mighty few event apps that make planning incomparably easier, and a chance for human error virtually nonexistent.

Event Planning Apps

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Indispensable for event registration, this straight-to-the-point app shortens the time for checking attendees in by using QR scanner. Its many features include printing badges, creating event wristbands. The best feature, however, is its ability to sync with other event management platforms, so your organization can run smoothly with no hotspots along the way.


Brilliant ideas care little about the perfect timing. They just start raining when you least expect them. Evernote dubs as an event organization app that lets you organize your notes, coordinate schedules and even share the notes with the members of your team. Once you sync the app with multiple accounts, every man will be expected to do his duty.


One of the most vital functions of event planning is prompt and smooth communication with your team. This app draws experience from the walkie-talkie craze from the 80s and combines it with your fifth-generation smartphone, effectively turning it into a portable two-way radio transceiver. No text message or email can beat its speed – just pick a contact and start talking. Over and out!


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Another all-in-one event planning app that puts you in control of many strings vital to conference planning. It provides easy and user-friendly event ticketing and registration protocols, and allows you to further manage contacts, send emails, and even create a template-based event website that keeps the attendees informed about all the details concerning the event.


A premium event checking in app, it enables you to manage ticket sales, check the attendees in quickly, as well as search the attendee lists. Its ticket builder feature lets you create unlimited number of ticket templates and also add additional fixed or percentage fee per order, so you can automatically cover all kinds of costs related to the event. The app is compatible with WordPress event ticketing systems.


Every event planning is followed by piles of receipts, documents, sketches and notes. There is not a single good reason why you should start planning your next conference without ScannerPro installed on your phone. Scan the document with your device camera, convert it to PDF and once you store it, no draught can scatter them around.


Event planning today is near to impossible without the involvement of social networks. Someone or something needs to manage all those posts, tweets, likes and checking ins. Let this lovely owl-themed app be your assistant. It will manage your social media channels, keeping you updated on the activity concerning your event related content.


Keeping a good workflow is key to having a reliable team that you can count on. Run smoother organization and detailed teamwork, by assigning tasks to your team members with this app that keeps tasks and conversations in one place. With Asana, you and your team will always be on the same page, making those time-consuming emails the thing of the past.

Apps like these provide invaluable help with any event planning and organization. With only a handful of similar apps around, you should stick to the best ones available.

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