Technology Crimes: How Spy Apps Can Help

In this age of technology where gadgets and gizmos off all kinds claim to have made life a billion times easier, yet at the obliterated things like privacy and security completely. Today, a mother cannot safely post a picture of her daughter on the first day of school fearing that she might give away her daughter’s location and what she is wearing to any potential kidnapper or someone who might want to harm the family.

If we focus on the things that this world does to children, the result would be extremely disappointing. There are millions of people who find pleasure in leading young minds astray, rather than playing a role in the fair-grooming. Hence, parents have to make sure that they stay away from such influences and that they turn out to be responsible and well-mannered adults. This can turn out to be a challenging task. Children, not knowing what’s good for them and what isn’t, ignore the help of their parents, and keep them an arm’s length away from their private life. Keeping this in mind, it can be very hard to keep track of their children’s social life without invading their (not so important) privacy.

Technological Crimes and their Solution:

While in the digital age, it’s undeniable that one would not get caught in crimes relevant to technology. Same as, the children get caught in numerous crimes, aroused by technology, generally they are the victims while in some cases children are even the illicit.

Bullying, raging, sex abuse, abduction, doping, mobile phone snatching, robbery and even the grieving incidents of death are all incorporated to the smart phones. Some studies show:

  • In UK, out of more than 300,000 stolen phones, 67 – 70% phones belonged to children aging between 11 to 15 years of age, while the snatchers are no more than the age of 17 years.
  • According to a survey, the teenagers are generally found to be indulged in text bullying. 20% children are the positive victims of text bullying, which leads to atrocious results including suicide
  • A survey reported that 25% of the school going girls (aging between 14 to 19 years of age) are sexually assaulted/ raped which involved anonymous criminal, who had been intact with the victim over the phone.

Every problem carries a remedy along. Just a word of thought is required. What could be done with the cases mentioned above? Spy apps are an excellent medium to keep a keen eye on your children and make sure that they stay on the right path without them ever becoming aware of it.

TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring app

Image Credit: TheOneSpy


  • The spy apps provide the parents with all necessary information required relevant to the mobile snatching incident, like the IMEI, the location, SIM inserted after snatching and much more which can easily help in curbing the snatcher
  • The features of parental control apps like TheOneSpy also enable the parents to control all the functionality of their children smartphone including the social media network usage, photos they exchange, their WhatsApp and Skype chat and much more. This helps them out to put their children away from any danger.
  • Parents have the control to listen and record every sort of call and can read every sort of message, whether sent using mobile network or the internet connection. This helps parents in safeguarding their children from the text bullying and the concept of awful worries safely reach a point sub-zero.

Some parents feel guilty using spy apps thinking that they are violating the privacy right of their kids. If you also think the same way then you should understand that this is the need of the day. Just remember, even if you are using spy software to do what you are doing, you should keep it in mind that what you are doing is not “spying” if it is to keep your children safe from what goes around them in the world. In fact, it is your duty as a parent to do so. Your kids’ safety and life is much more important than his privacy. So, don’t let this privacy reason come in the way of protecting your kids from cyberbullies, cybercriminals and child molesters. At the end of the day, just like any other parents, all you need is to make sure that your kids are safe. Spy apps give this peace of mind to the parents that their kids are protected 24/7.

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