How to Hack Android Phone for Free Apps

80% of smartphones have Google’s Android operating system. Android phones are more than just phones; they contain pictures, email, social media accounts, latest tech videos, text messages, videos, audio files, and documents. In a day and age when people use their phones for pretty much everything, accessing someone’s phone is a lot like accessing their whole life.


There can be as many motives for hacking as there are hackers. Some hackers just want to be able to send premium text messages to people’s phones. Other hackers want to listen in on people’s lives to extract information about them. Other hackers may even want to access people’s money.

Parents love to hack into their child’s Android phone. It helps them to track the whereabouts of their children and keep track of their on-line activities. This snooping can help to keep kids out of trouble. Learn about this by viewing the latest tech videos available on-line.

Some people need to hack into their phones because the phone is lost or stolen. Accessing your lost phone can help you recover important information or to destroy information so that it cannot be stolen.

A hacker can remotely access your cell phone’s devices – such as the microphone – and turn them on or off or otherwise manipulate them like in the latest tech videos. By turning on the Smartphone’s microphone, for example, a hacker can listen in on your real life conversations. This kind of hacking can easily be done for purposes of corporate espionage.

Android Phone

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Is there a way to hack Android phones for free?

Using tools like the infamous AndroRAT, it is possible to access call logs, read text messages, take photographs and even make a phone call. But AndroRAT costs money. Which begs the question, is there a way to hack Android Phones for free?

Well, there is free smartphone tracking apps. Most of them are not as sophisticated as the paid ones and may only help you keep track of where the phone is at the moment. They go by names like ‘Cell Tracker’ Girlfriend Cell Tracker, GPS Phone Tracker, and Mobile Location Tracker. Watch the latest tech videos to learn more.

Using apps

To do this, you have to be able to get hold of the phone you want to track. It should take a couple of minutes to download the tracking app.

Some of these apps have an auto answer feature – enabling you to call the phone at any time and have it answer. This allows you to listen to conversations held in the near vicinity of the phone. This simple feature effectively transforms a simple phone into a listening device. The calls will show up on the phone bill, though, so you might want to think about that. The Auto Answer feature also results in the phone battery going empty faster than usual. Even when the cell phone is locked, Auto Answer will still work as demonstrated in the latest tech videos.

Download the hacking software from a website that you trust. A third party website will usually contain malicious ware. Malware can easily corrupt all your files leading you to lose important information.

Other methods

There are other methods of hacking that do not necessarily require you to get a hold of the cell phone, as in the latest tech videos on gadget news. Download Android phones tool and run the software. Then input the telephone number of the smartphone you want to track including the country code. Verify the number and you are good to go.

The trackers do not work if the smartphone is not connected to the internet. The information collected by the spyware is sent to a server that you can get information from. To get the information you have to be on-line from a laptop or other phone.

Hacking into someone’s phone is illegal in most countries. It can only be legal to install spyware on your phone but not in someone else’s.

Most Android phones are infected with malware after users download apps bound to spyware. So one way of hacking an best Android phone for free would be to create an app and make it available to Android users. The users will download the spyware together with the app in gadget news.

Apple’s iOS is much more secure than Google’s Android and, therefore, harder to track.

Change the security settings for the phone to allow apps from ‘unknown sources’ to be installed. The default security settings may not necessarily allow the app to be installed.


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