Reasons to use Augmented Reality in Education

Over the past five periods, the use of augmented reality in the field of education has been increasingly receiving attention. This application was first used in the year 1990 for the training

General Walkthrough of Optimizing WordPress for High Traffic Websites

So you had a groundbreaking idea. You gathered enough courage to try and transform that idea into a plan and become an internet writer. Then you went and purchased a web hosting,

The Future of Big Data

Big data means big profits for the future of business initiatives. As the world becomes more connected, data is being acquired and shared in a way that helps companies understand their users

Best Home Theater Projector Reviews 2017

Earlier, only business people and private organizations used projectors but now with the passage of time, technologies are now attracting people and they also want to experience it intimately. This is why,

Hacker-proof Your Website with These Proven Techniques

Hackers. They are wise and wild kind. They manage to find some loophole or backdoor in a system and steal their way into innocent websites. Once inside, they inject and infect the

How Waist Trimmer Keeps you in Shape

The people become busier day by day and due to advanced technologies they become lazier. The people are dependent on advanced technologies. They don’t want to do tough work . Every person

How to Secure Your Data On Cloud Storage

We hear stories about the data being hacked from a company’s or celebrity’s cloud storage ever so often. However, what we fail to comprehend is that something similar could happen to us

Understanding the Online Betting Culture

It isn’t a fact anymore that online betting sites are liked by millions of people all around the globe. For everyone wanting to try their luck against the odds of winning, a

Preetiya Hesare Neenu – Unplugged Acoustic Cover by Prajwal Kumar

  Credit: Prajwal Kumar Movie: Happy New Year (Kannada) Music: Raghu Dixit Lyrics: Vasuki Vaibhav and Raghavendra V Kamath Singer: Raghu Dixit Artist Bio: This video has been published by Prajwal Kumar, he is a

Consider ERP for Food and Drugs Industries

Food and Drugs Industries is one industry which is heavily dominated by statutory and compliances. Rightly so, since a lot of lives are dependent on both. In every country, Food and Drugs