Reasons to use Augmented Reality in Education

Over the past five periods, the use of augmented reality in the field of education has been increasingly receiving attention. This application was first used in the year 1990 for the training of aviators. According to the 2011 report, augmented reality applications should be implemented in all institutes by next 2 years with an aim to deliver new opportunities for teaching, learning, research and etc. In this article, let us know in detail about augmented reality, its application and how this application is useful in generating more student-centered learning scenarios.

Augmented Reality

It is an application of a computer-generated reality, which consists of programmed animated images along with additional information about the object or a place. Augmented reality turns the environment into a digital interface by the introduction of virtual objects in the real world, in real-time and it is harder to differentiate between real and computer generated models.

Reasons to use

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Use Augmented Reality in schools.

  1. Augmented reality is used in all educational institutes. It is helpful for both students and for lectures.Students can use augmented reality for preparing assignments by collaborating with their friends.
  2. Educators can check their student’s homework by scanning the homework page and students can discuss their doubts online for a better understanding of the concepts they are studying.
  3. Both staff and students can review a number of books just by scanning the outer cover of a particular book.
  4. Information about the students can be easily collected by displaying the photographs of the respective candidates.

How is augmented reality making an impact on education?

  • Students can access models on their own devices by downloading an Augmented app. They can also create their own 3- dimensional models. This is a fun way to engage students and strengthen the concepts they learn in the classroom.
  • This fun way of learning helps students to gain more interest and they understand the topic better.
  • Augmented reality helps the teachers in capturing the attention of their
    students in the classroom by presenting the topic with 3D models. This mode of
    teaching helps every, students in the classroom to understand the topic and engage themselves in the topic.
  • The presence of (3D and 2D) three-dimensional and two – dimensional images in augmented reality application, helps both teachers and students in explaining and learning.
  • For example: In biology, to explain about the human anatomy, the teacher has to draw the complete diagram on the blackboard or on a chart, which is quite difficult both for teacher and students. Here both teacher and students can download the diagram and can learn more deeply about the internal parts of the human body
  • This technology provides students with opportunities to learn more about new things, including – reading, working with numbers, essay writing, solving math problems, plotting a graph, vocabulary and other diagrams related to science. Apart from education, this technology is also used for playing video games like Pokemon.
  • Preparing for class with models, posters and periodic table charts are big tasks for lectures. By using augmented reality, they can easily download it at anytime, anywhere into their devices and present their topics in the classroom.
  • If a student has missed the lecture or particular class, they can download the study materials from this application.
  • Augmented reality is portable, easily transferable and less expensive. There is no worry of losing or damaging the notes.
  • Augmented reality helps in building teamwork between the students and also improves the collaboration between staff and groups of students.
  • Parents can also check their child’s performance in their school activity from their home by using augmented reality.

As the world becomes more sophisticated and complex, the use of emerging technologies becomes more critical to education. Both parents and teacher should help the students in providing complete information about the new technologies. This new technology plays a major role in education. With the help of this technology, students can prepare their notes, review number of books, have a combined study with their classmates and also can approach their lectures regarding doubts from their home during exams.

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