Best Mobile Apps for Young Drivers

There’s a good chance that what those who have recently reached the milestone of 17 will want to do
next is getting an independent transport. As the representatives of this young generation, they have
probably never known a world without internet and never had a ‘dumb’ phone. Apps, tablets, and
smartphones are all second nature to them.
If you’re one of them, you’re probably wondering which ones may really help you become more
confident as a driver or improve your driving skills? We will take a look at the top five Best Mobile Apps
for Young Drivers.

Shotgun by Direct Line

The app is aimed at new and younger drivers, 17 – 25 age group. Unlike many of the insurers’ apps that
reward safer driving with reduced car insurance premiums, Shotgun is all about the swag – drive better
and you’ll earn rewards from companies such as Pizza Express and Virgin Experience Days.
It’s worth noting that it only covers the first 1,000 miles of driving; the time when you’re most
vulnerable to accidents.

My Cars: 

Owning a car can be an expensive pastime, even more so when you’re young, or a student.
My Cars is designed to keep track of all the expenses associated with running a car – great for
understanding just how much money you’re spending on fuel or oil changes for example. It also includes
an efficiency program and maintenance recorder, with further options for things like parking tickets – it
really is a one-stop shop for monitoring the expenses.

WhatGas Petrol Prices: 

Keeping with the money theme, WhatGas will tell you what is the closest (or cheapest!) petrol station
near your current location – it has a database of over 50,000 petrol stations, so unless you’re really in
the middle-of-nowhere, you should be covered.
Be aware that the database needs updating by users (ie, YOU), so although it’s usually accurate, there
might be an odd occasion where it’s slightly out of date.


We’re in two minds whether to include this – you really should be paying attention to the road, but equally, if it helps to slow you down, it has to be a good thing!

A self-contained camera warning system that gives you audible and visual warnings about upcoming
cameras. It also has the added functionality of giving you an average speed reading through the ‘SPECSs’
cameras. The beauty of this system is that it supports multitasking, meaning that it can run in
conjunction with your preferred navigation app.

Co-op Insurance Young Driver:

Car insurance premiums can be horrifically expensive, even for the ‘more mature’ person, but newly
qualified drivers can find it prohibitive.
The Young Driver app will monitor your driving style and habits (including what time of the day you
mostly drive) to give you a score out of 100 (1 means think about taking the bus, 100 is Rockstar) which
can then be used to adjust your premium by as much as 20% cheaper.
There is a downside though – drivers who score below 40 could find their premiums rising!

The rise of innovative automotive technology that can help you drive better, safer, and more efficiently,
is definitely right here and now. You can use it to help you understand the roads and traffic, become a
better driver yourself, minimize your expenses, and find your way among other vehicles.
Most of these apps are free, dependent on the platform (Android or iOS), and easy to use. To conclude, of
course we should give you the “don’t use your phone while driving” speech, but then as a newly
a qualified driver, you already know that.

Author Bio:
Giles Kirkland Giles Kirkland is a tech-savvy car mechanic. He always researches on newest technologies in the automotive industry and willingly tries them out. He is the happiest sharing his thoughts and experience with other car and technology enthusiasts as well as drivers across the globe.

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