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Why learn Digital Marketing: Courses, Workshops, Diploma and Coffee Cups!

Rejoice your Career; Digital Cocktail is being served to juice up marketers throats. “No Magic Wands, No Hidden Tricks, No Nightmares – Digital Marketing is dialogues delivery with millions!” The race of

Promote Your Website Through Organic Search Engine Optimization

As a whole, search engine optimization (SEO) refers to promoting a website or blog in a way that it gets enough traffic. But getting traffic does not matter only; rather it must

Top 10 Marketing Trends For 2014

As you know, there are always surprises that come every year online. Few people would have predicted that the Google PageRank would only have two updates and that one would come in

How to get more traffic to your site with paid traffic sources

This article gives a number of tips on how to improve your affiliate advertising campaign. It gives tips relating to the affiliate advertising by themselves, and the landing pages that are associated

Quick SEO tips that can benefit your online business!

Most of the people are interested in building website to stimulate reader’s attention towards them to increase their online promotion and this is the reason why SEO is getting more critical for

Tips From the Pros: The Very Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress may be the world’s most popular content management system. Nearly half of the most-trafficked blogs in the world use WordPress, and some 60 million blogs worldwide are powered by this intuitive,

A look at PR in 2013

Public  relations is a very different beast than it was five years ago, never mind ten or fifteen. With the rise of the internet as a means of accessing news, not least

Eight Reasons For not Getting Enough Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is basically free traffic. It is the traffic that you did not have to pay for (such as through affiliate advertising). Most of your organic traffic is going to come

SEO Benefits in Hosting Sites with Dedicated IP

While coming out with a website, there are various issues that you really need to fix. Initially you need to get a suitable domain name, then design and develop the website. Once

Top Plugins to Enhance SEO on Your Site

Search engine optimization is arguably the best way to promote your site and get the traffic you need to make it successful. With the right SEO, you can increase your page rank and