Eight Reasons For not Getting Enough Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is basically free traffic. It is the traffic that you did not have to pay for (such as through affiliate advertising). Most of your organic traffic is going to come from search engines, but it may also come from links and word-of-mouth marketing. You have optimized your website for a number of organic traffic streams, and yet you are getting little traffic. If this is the case, you should read this article to see if any of the points apply to your website.

Image Credit : Techtrickpoint.com

Image Credit : Techtrickpoint.com

1. Your content is boring or has no specific use

Your website needs to have some sort of use if you want people to visit it. Ask yourself why people would ever want to visit your site. What are the benefits of visiting your website? What do people get out of your website? If you cannot find a good reason why people should visit your website then that is why they are not visiting.

If your website does have a use, you should ask yourself if your website is boring. Obviously, you do not need to make your website a firework display of exciting elements, but if your website is hard to read or interpret because it is uninteresting then that may be why people do not visit your website.

2. Your search engine descriptions are poorly optimized

When people look for your website on a search engine, a short description of your site appears on the search engine results. The default setting is for your Meta description to appear, but in many cases, it is the first thirty words of your web page, or the words that surround your keywords on the page. If your website does not look appealing on the search engine results, then people will see your website on the results but will not click the link.

Run a few keyword searches on Google to see if your website appears. If it does, you should look at the description that comes with it to see if it looks appealing. If it does not then it is time to start restructuring your web content.

3. Your website tries to appeal to the masses

This is a silly mistake that some people make. Each website needs a target audience, but in the name of “playing it safe”, some people will try to appeal to a broad audience. Not only is this going to make it notoriously hard to rank up through the search engine results pages, but it is also going to make it hard to attract and retain page visitors.

You need to target a certain group of people an appeal to them only. This is going to mean that you put-off some people, but that is the price you pay if you want a fair amount of organic traffic. You need to start optimizing your website for a specific keywords, tools, topics, age ranges, genders, political beliefs and cultures.

4. Your competitors do what you do….but better

This is a big problem the lots of webmasters miss. You have to start running Google searches for your own site to see what your competitors are up to. You need to look at their website and your website with a cold eye in order to see what your potential viewers are seeing. They may be getting all that they need from your competitors. If this is the case then you need work to differentiate yourself from them and start coming up with your own USPs.

5. You are not updating your website on a regular basis

You need to do this in order to keep your loyal viewers, to keep your content fresh for new visitors, and to please the search engines. If you are not adding updates and refreshing your content on a regular basis then you need so ask yourself why your viewers should keep coming back.

6. Your SEO is poor or you are not ranking very highly

This is one of the more obvious reasons, in that if your website is getting most of its organic traffic from search engines, then you need to rank highly on them. If you are not ranking highly on a search engine then it is time for a full SEO audit. You need to identify what is holding your website back so that you can start riding high on the search engine results.

7. You are optimizing your website for the wrong keywords

Your target audience are going to search for certain keywords when they Google your web content. If you are not optimizing for those keywords then nobody will visit your website. You may rank highly on the search engine results, but you are not ranking highly for the right people. You may need to take a long hard look at where you rank highly to see if your potential viewers are the ones you are ranking for.

When you try to Google the keywords of your website, have a look to see if many of your competitors appear next to you on the search engine results. If few of them do, then this is a warning sign that you may be optimizing for the wrong keywords.

8. You have been penalized by Google or Bing/Yahoo!

This sometimes happens and a website’s organic traffic will slowly start to dry up. Sadly, many people start working harder on their SEO, without realizing that they may be making the problem worse. You should sign up for the Google webmaster tools. They are free and they will allow Google to contact you if your website has been penalized by their search engine.

Bio: This post is written by Kate Funk. She is a professional blogger and writer at speaken.net. She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.

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