How to get more traffic to your site with paid traffic sources

This article gives a number of tips on how to improve your affiliate advertising campaign. It gives tips relating to the affiliate advertising by themselves, and the landing pages that are associated with the affiliate adverts. It gives advice that is both going to save you money whilst making your affiliate advertising campaign more effective.

Traffic to your website

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What are paid traffic sources?

They are basically techniques for paying money for traffic directly. The definition gets a little blurred at times. For example, if you were to work on your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and acquire your website to the topmost of the Google search engine results pages, then that is not a paid traffic source. On the other hand, if you paid a company to get you up there, then we are in a grey area of traffic sourcing.

The more direct ways of getting paid traffic involve actually paying per customer. That is what affiliate advertising is all about. With PPC you are paying for each click on your advert by a customer. With PPI you pay every time a customer sees your adverts (even though they may not visit your website) and with PPA you are paying if some comes to your website and makes a sale.

This article gives you tips on PPC, which is Pay Per Click. It is the most commonly used affiliate advertising technique and will help you to literally buy more traffic because in many cases the more money you pay then the more likely you are to get traffic.

You are walking up an icy slope

In other words, you need to keep updating and improving your affiliate advertising campaign and your landing page. If you stop the process of continual improvement, then you will start to lose traffic and sales. Most likely, you will lose your traffic and sales to your competitors who are constantly improving their affiliate advertising methods, techniques, keywords and focus.

If you are looking to gain more traffic and more sales through affiliate advertising, then you should look over the advice on this article. It gives key advice that is going to save you a lot of time and money.

Non-converting clicks cost money

You need to make sure your affiliate adverts are attracting your target audience whilst scaring off people who do not have the authority, means or need to purchase the products or services you are trying to sell. Be prepared to scare people away within your affiliate adverts because they are going to cost you money if they click.

Use trial and error

The affiliate-advertising platform is perfect for trial and error. Good testing means that you alter variables and measure the results. With affiliate advertising, you are able to alter very specific variables and then measure the results with a high degree of accuracy. In the right hands, an affiliate advertising platform my yield very successful adverts over time.

Traffic is good, but sales are better

Assuming you are using affiliate advertising as a way of generating more sales and then it is good if you have lots of traffic .But, what you should really be concentrating on is getting more sales. If your traffic numbers are good, then stop concentrating on traffic and start working on your marketing and landing page in order to get more sales. If your traffic are visiting but not buying, then your affiliate campaign will soon start taking a loss.

Higher bids do not get more traffic

If you bid a higher payment amount for your affiliate advert keywords, then it does not mean you will get more traffic. It may mean you stand more chance of getting more traffic, but the true test of your affiliate advert is in the content and not in its prominence on a page.

Near the beginning of the article it was mentioned that you are more likely to get more traffic, which is true, but paying more is not a guarantee of getting more traffic–it just increases your chances.

If you are getting poor conversions, then consider changing the landing page

The landing page is the page that the affiliate advert link points to. You may be getting a lot of traffic, but very few conversions. It is possible that the affiliate advert is promising things that the landing page is not delivering, but this does not mean you must change the affiliate advert. Consider changing the landing page so that it can make more in the line with whatever the user is expecting.

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