Why Streaming TV Beats Cable Anytime

There is an increasing number of TV users that use mobile devices, PCs and Mac computers to watch Internet television, either by browsing for online stream or streaming videos from host web pages. The third choice is using a smart TV to watch streamed content directly on your TV screen. The point in all this is that television watching is becoming a new experience, with an abundance of new content and options. One of new aspects is that now viewers get to choose the content they like the most, as well the one that is available wherever they are. The trick is to find a reputable streaming service and the only prerequisite to have a good Internet connection.


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Popular Features

There trends are showing that customers are losing interest in regular cable TV, although it has a few advantages and are more interesting in features like video on demand, which change the entire meaning of watching TV, allowing users to pick what they want to watch. In addition to that, you can select an interesting TV show or a movie that you won’t be able to watch in its prime time and watch it later, or have it recorded so you can watch it whenever you have time. With a feature like this, you will never have to rush from work worrying that you will miss your favorite show or juggle channels to catch up with different episodes at the same time. There are features that allow you to watch one channel and record two separate TV shows at the same time.

Selling Points

With so many options it is certainly hard to choose the best deal. By identifying which service offers what, and lining it against what features work best for you, services like Optus Broadband will quickly climb to the top of your list. Not only does it allow you to pause and rewind free air and subscription channels and let you record up to 585 hours of standard definition television, however it also lets you choose among 4000 on– demand movie rentals , including the most recent releases in HD, topped with 30 pre-selected movies you will be delivered free of charge.



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Completely Mobile Experience

This service will make arguments over what to watch on TV a thing of a past. In addition, now you are able to take your content with you and watch in everywhere, in a bus, on a sandy, beach, in your attorney’s lobby. Optus mobile app is available for iOS and Android, and can be used together with your set top box. Among many cool features, it allows you to access your settings via your smartphone or tablet and set recordings even when you are away.

Streaming television has already shown its effects on home entertainment. Things that we could only dream twenty years ago were made possible. No one can say what new features the future brings, but it is going to change to even better. That is just the way it is. Even now, whenever a new feature is introduced, the existing subscribers get it added to their bundle, completely free of charge.

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