What Are the Main Problems with Teaching Singapore Math

Singapore Math might be the most effective math teaching method, however, in the Western world, it is still considered as a novelty and many parents and teachers do not know what to expect. Despite its successes in Asia and in the United States, Singapore Math have been also criticized by educators and concerned parents. What are the main problems with teaching Singapore Math and how to minimize them?

What Are the Main Problems with Teaching Singapore Math

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The lack of proper training

Singapore Math practice is fundamentally different from Everyday Math or any other Western math program and it is not a method a teacher can figure out and successfully use all through himself. Unfortunately, Primary Mathematics publisher does not offer any training for schools, which want to implement the curriculum, although it recommends institutions and individual consultants, who can provide professional training. Math in Focus provides brief training for teachers, however, it does not cover all problems the teachers usually have with the implementation of the method. For example, Math in Focus textbooks contain more material than Primary Mathematics and teachers often struggle with deciding which content is more important and which exercises can be omitted. In result, teachers often find it hard to cover all material included in Math in Focus in one year. It takes an experienced expert in Singapore Math to explain how to use the textbook effectively.

The lack of proper budget

Additional training means higher costs of the Singapore Math implementation, which is something not every school can afford. Without the training, however, the quality of teaching drops down and that puts in question the need for a new method. If you plan to implement Singapore Math in your school, be sure that your budget includes additional resources for training teachers. If you can barely afford the books and materials, consider postponing the project and try to acquire additional resources to be able to hire professional teacher trainer.

The slow progress

Another concern of many teachers and parents is the pace, at which students acquire new knowledge, especially in the primary school. For many people, who do not understand the rules of Singapore Math, it seems that children, who follow this method, are learning very simple things very slowly. Singapore Math worksheets seem to include a lot of easy exercises and it is difficult to believe that this method is really a revolution in math methodology. However, what these people do not realize is that by the fourth or fifth grade the pace of learning math increases and instead of lagging behind, Singapore Math students outrun their peers in math achievements. If you plan to implement Singapore Math in your school, it’s important to organize a meeting with parents and explain how this method is different from the ones used before. Explain to the concerned parents what they should expect and when they can see the first results of the method. As a teacher, do not try to speed up the process of learning math, but follow the guidelines and spend as much time as necessary mastering the basics. The results will follow eventually and they will be solid and long-lasting.

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