Top Trends Driving Online Marketing for Businesses

The field of marketing has evolved majorly over the past decade. Online marketing has taken a huge precedence over the traditional forms and has become an essential means for companies seeking to build online presence and reach out to target customers. About five years ago, the approach to online marketing was way simpler. Today , there are several new facets to internet marketing , including search engine optimization , search engine marketing and social media networks. There’re new updates every now and then and the number of users is increasing by the day.

The following are five popular trends that businesses can make use of to roll in more website traffic and earn new customers. These core areas are safe to invest in and also create varied kinds on employment opportunities in online marketing.

Online Marketing

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1. Content-Driven Search Engine Optimization

Most digital marketers have witnessed new developments in SEO over the past two years. Google has come up with Panda and Penguin updates that have changed the relevance for high rankings. Search engines are now stressing on the significance of producing quality content that people are interested in. This may include articles, blog posts, slideshows, videos and other types of content that can educate and entertain. Search engines are giving a great deal of importance to keywords and relevant results, which implies that if a business wishes to improve search engine organic search traffic, it must have its content strategy in place.

Search Engine Optimization

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2. Smartphones

Smartphones have changed the way of accessing information. It is estimated that by 2017, about 68 per cent of USA’s population would be utilizing smartphones. Businesses who can view this trend as an opportunity will find it easier to get customers. You can track customers throughout a sales process, right from exposing them to your product to knowing where they go after buying the product. When your customer has something on his mind and you can offer solutions for it, that’s online marketing. Whether you do this by posting information on blogs, email newsletters or text messages as alerts, companies must understand that people will be accessing the internet from their mobiles.

3. Social Media

All businesses rely on their local networks and customer base for sharing messages through word of mouth. This is exactly what social media does. Social networking sites offer great scope for small businesses to create and maintain a wide customer base and communicate with them, without any geographical barriers. Businesses can build a wide network of connections on LinkedIn, subscribers on YouTube and followers on Twitter to boost marketing strategy. Once you become an active user, you can tap a vast pool of potential customers.

Social media

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4. Video Production

YouTube receives over 1 billion unique users every month. People are watching more videos and this is becoming a brilliant mode to convey your message. Also, search engines are giving more weightage to videos in their search results. If businesses want more control over their target market in the near future, they will have to create a video strategy. This can include demonstrations, product videos and testimonials.

5. Better Design and Usability

Having a website is not good enough. The website must be user-friendly and intuitive so that customers keep coming back. It should give greater importance to usability and design. Customers want fast experiences and websites also need to be optimized for better mobile experiences. Your business must have mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps to keep pace. Your site should be able to load quickly and show the right elements at the right place. This is a crucial part of a company’s marketing strategy because if the user is not impressed he will leave. So make it easy for him to navigate and find what he wants. Only then will he buy what you are selling.

There are organizations that were caught off guard by revisions in online marketing, while there are those who maximized through relevant content, video production and more social media engagement. These trends are going to become more prominent in the coming days and companies that incorporate them in their online marketing strategies will get a head start.

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