Top Most Common Sins of Small Business Marketing

For smaller businesses it is important to learn that there are certain marketing things they should avoid, especially if they wish to hold their loyal customers. Moreover, it is important for the businesses to realize that customers have more options than they’ve before, & that they can easily research anything, which means that there are no more secrets hidden from them.

For the modern-day businesses it means that it will be even harder to spread the word about their brand, but not impossible. It is important that they avoid a few common mistakes that can cost them precious customers in the long run.

The customer is always right

Online review is important, especially if you want good reviews about your business; but be prepared to have negative ones as not everyone will like what you’re selling. However, it’s important to know how to deal with customers via social media sites. First of all, never argue with one of the customers, it is not only bad for your image, but it will give off a bad vibe to the other customers; you should however accept criticism and make sure that you use the best of it.

The best way to handle negative reviews is to dilute them with lots of good reviews; but if the negativity persists, it should be better to solve it with other means via private messaging and contacting the customer for clarification.

Use smart marketing

Over-marketing can be really expensive for a small business and more often than not it will yield bad results as it takes practice to use effective marketing strategies. Creating a recognizable brand and ensuring that you have a good brand image is important as it will boost your marketing strategy without having to spend extra on it.

effective marketing strategies

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Moreover, make sure to include customers and to implement feedback as much as possible, after all, you cannot know what your target audience wants unless you keep in contact with them. The best way to ensure good customer experience is to be present at social media sites to make sure that your business is easily accessible.

Avoid inbox overload

Spamming with newsletters is never a good idea as many will not pay attention to spam, even if you send something important, it will only get lost a midst the other spam-filled content. For customers to appreciate newsletters, you should make it have meaningful content and only send necessary information which might be important for them.

Making a possibility for newsletter frequency is a must have, as customers can select what they wish to receive and when; just make sure that you can deliver and that you send them only content that is interesting and related to your business.

No reward system

After a while, customers can feel that they are not being appreciated and that they are not getting anything for being loyal and not switching over to another business. For a good business, it is important to organize promo events where you can enhance your marketing skills.


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Giving out customised items, such as stress balls, is a great way to show your customers that they are valued and respected and that you care about them. Promo events are great to attract new customers, but also to show that customer loyalty is rewarded and that you are a serious business.

Small business marketing

Although it is hard to find the perfect balance between business and proper marketing strategies, it is not impossible; but it is vital to realize that trends come and go and that you should be aware of what is going on so that you can utilize proper marketing to attract more customers and to keep your loyal ones. Always keep a lookout for current developments as they might help improve your strategy.

Remember that not all marketing strategies can work, and that sometimes you will have to experience downfalls to learn how to do it better the next time. Moreover, it is extremely vital that you recognize when to stop using something that might be bad for your business; which is why you should have a devoted team at business looking into how current marketing strategies are benefiting your business.

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