Top 5 Apps for iPhone 5

iPhone, one of the leading smart phones in the world have come a long way since its inception. Currently the latest version iPhone5 have been launched. Like its entire predecessor iPhone5 is also high on different features and boasts of the latest applications that aims and intends to make your every search and action easy, super efficient and fun. But there are so many applications to choose from that we often get confused about which one to download and use. The Apple store has about more than 600,000 apps and the numbers are constantly increasing. As the number of Smartphone apps increases the manufacturing side geared up for production of new smartphone parts also. Don’t forget that your applications define you in the world of technology. After all it is an expression of your likings, preferences and the kind of activities you like to get involved into.
It is best to opt for those iPhone applications that emphasize more on productivity rather than on social networking. Don’t you think social networking has become more of a common app? Even the other smart phone have these installed in them so where is the difference between an iPhone and all those phones? Facebook, Twitter, Google, MySpace are like the most of the common apps that one can think of. Well we are not under estimating their importance but it’s time we move beyond these mundane applications. Hence we are mentioning some applications that will take your iPhone5 to the next level where you will not only experience an all new level but the apps will increase your productivity.

Most of the popular applications include:

Pandora Radio:

You must be thinking why a radio as an app? Well it has its reasons. It is completely different from the kind of radio stations in smart phones. This app enables one to create their own personalized radio station that belt out your favorite songs of your favorite artists and their different albums.

This is a must for an avid music lover. Unlike the boring radio stations this app suffices all your needs to songs at any given point of time.

Image Credit : Pandora Radio

Image Credit : Pandora Radio

Download Pandora Radio application


This app comes next to Pandora radio. There has been numerous times when we have heard a song somewhere but somehow or the other we failed to remember the name of the album or who is the artist singing it and so on. But this app allows you to do all this. How? Suppose you are listening to a song and don’t know the name of the singer or the album, then just activate Shazam and the rest as they say is history. Within 15 seconds of activating the app will give you all the details of the song starting with the singer’s name, the album name, song title. You name it and they have it.

Image Credit : Shazam

Download Shazam application  


The hot favorite app amongst book lovers, this application allows one to store about as 750,000 books, journals, magazines, and newspapers to read. If you are booklover and love to read on the go then this app is for you. It allows one to save pages, bookmark the page, and even highlight it as well.

Image Credit :

Download Kindle application

Angry Birds:

This app ranks quite high amongst the game lovers across the globe. This game is highly addictive and you might end up spending hours after hours playing this game.

Go ahead download this award winning game, let us see how many games you can actually win.

Image credit : Angry Birds

Image credit : Angry Birds

Download Angry Birds application


An advanced version of ever note, this app works in the same way but it is much better and more convenient. This app helps you to save any information you want so that you don’t forget anything in the long run. Starting from your wife’s birthday to numbers, barcode scans to recipes – everything can be stored in this app and the information will be showed up in your dashboard as well.

Image credit : SpringPad

Image credit : SpringPad

Download SpringPad application

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