Top 5 Android Phones We Can’t Wait For

If you are looking to buy a new Android phone, then this is not the right time. There are 5 Android phones that are worth waiting for, which are about to be launched. By investing in an Android phone at the moment would make you regret later.

The next iteration of the Moto G is also a phone worth waiting for, as we know there’s a growing demand for cheaper Smartphones and the Moto G so far has fit the bill. The next iteration of the device will surely be another winner in terms of price and performance. Here are five others:

1. Samsung Galaxy S6: 

Galaxy S5 didn’t win the hearts of people like Samsung thought it would. The Korean company is trying extremely hard to win back its loyal customers and that is why people are waiting for the announcement of launch of Galaxy S6 at MWC 2015 in the coming weeks. According to the rumors, Galaxy S6 will run on Android 5.0. It would have 5.1 inches 2560×1440 AMOLED screen. It would come with 64 bit octa core Exynos ARM chip, 32 GB of storage, 3GB of RAM and 20 MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Image Credit : swiftcontractphones

2. HTC One M9:

HTC One M9 will be available in two different models according to the rumors. One model would be of 5-5.2 inches, which would be the replacement for HTC One M8, and the other model would be quite large. HTC One M9 will not be as tall as the previous models. There will be a single 20 MP camera at the back instead of two cameras. It would have 1080p LCD. It would have a great battery life. It would run on an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor. It would offer 3GB RAM and 32 GB of storage.

HTC One M9

Image Credit : swiftcontractphones

3. LG G4:

Everybody loved LG G3 which was launched in 2014. Although it was made of plastic but it didn’t feel cheap at all. This phone came with 1440p screen. LG is launching their new smartphone called LG G4 in a few months. According to the rumors, this phone would have rear mounted buttons and laser auto-focus camera. The screen would be of 5.3 inches with the resolution of 2880 x 1620. It would come with 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 810.


Image Credit : techradar

4. Google Project Ara:

Google bought the Ara modular phone and it is expected to be launched in May 2015. This phone would have a screen attached to a frame which would house a number of hardware modules for batteries, cameras, storage and RAM. In other words you would be able to build a phone of your dreams according to your desires. For this reason, Google is developing a new branch of Android 5.

Google Project Ara

Image Credit : theverge

5. OnePlus Two:

OnePlus got quite famous with its solid hardware and awesome software. They are now launching a new phone in the coming months. OnePlus is building its own ROM which is called OxygenOS. It would run on Snapdragon 810. It would have 4GB of RAM and 5.5 inches screen.

OnePlus Two

Image Credit : androidauthority

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Nuur Hasan

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