Top 10 Ways to Earn Money With Your Laptop

Home based businesses seem to be the choice of more and more people around the world. One of the best thing about them is that you can find jobs that require as little investment as a laptop and your own knowledge or even willingness to learn and acquire new skills. Therefore, almost anybody can look into some of these jobs and choose them as their new career path.


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Social Media Manager

A lot of traffic and a lot of revenue comes from the activities on the social media. This means that the social media strategy is very important. Not all business owners want to spend their time on the social media, or they simply don’t have that time or the knowledge needed to make those strategies. Therefore, this is where you come in.

Search Engine Optimization

Making sure that a certain website is ranked very high on the list of results in the search engines is not as easy as it seems on the first glance. Google, for example, takes pride in ranking its results according to relevance, therefore, it is necessary to find out the best ways to persuade it that certain site is the most relevant one. This is what SEO experts do and this is why they get paid.

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Content Writing

All those websites, all those reviews, blogs and other things online need to be written. The rules of that kind of writing change, but it is not that difficult to keep up to date if you want to succeed as a content writer. If you have enough creativity within you, this can be quite a lucrative way of using it and turning it into profit.


To do this, you really need some serious language skills. It is not only important that you know how to speak another language, but you also need to be familiar with the translating skills as such in order to be really good and in order for your work to pay off. However, it is quite possible to use a more than efficient hp laptop and appropriate software to translate from anywhere you like.


Working from home is always better if you have something to offer to people and actually sell it. That thing can be an e-book of any kind. Therefore, writing in combination with other SEO and Social Media Management skills can be a combination that works perfectly for you.

Web Design

Every small and big business needs a website. They also need the entire visual presentation online. Creating that is the job for the web designer who can easily do all that from home. Therefore, if you have these skills, you need to find some clients and start developing your business.

App Developer

The number of mobile devices is constantly on the rise. This means that the world needs all kinds of mobile apps and that the market is growing and allowing every aspect of life to be present in the form of an app. Therefore, there is room to become an app designer and for you to launch your own apps.

Web Development

While somebody has to design all those websites that are needed for businesses, somebody needs to make those sites and make them work as well. This is the job for the web developer and they can easily do their work from home or any other place, if they have their laptop with them.


With the development of the online technologies and different forms of studying, it is now quite possible to teach from home via Skype, and different virtual classroom platforms. Teaching language, tutoring or giving any other sort of lessons is done only by a laptop and perhaps a cam.


In order to do this successfully, you need to attract thousands of views daily. When you succeed in that, you will have the advertising offers from others. Combine that with the affiliate marketing and you have yet another opportunity to work from home and earn a nice monthly income.

There are many other types of online jobs that require nothing more than a laptop, internet connection and your knowledge. Among other things, you can even make it a part time job until it works out well enough for you.

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