Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Provider

If you’re building a website, the choice of the provider will influence just about everything that you will be able to do later on. However, even though this is one of the first steps in building a website, it should not be made before you have an entire plan laid out before you. You already need to know what your site’s requirements will be, have to know how much traffic you’ll be able to expect, and what kind of budget is available. Since this decision is quite complicated, and will have great influence on the performance of your site, we decided to list some of the most important aspects of it that you need to think about before signing up with a provider.

The Right Hosting Provider

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Type of Hosting

Most popular types of hosting currently include WordPress managed, shared, dedicated and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. All of them have their strengths and drawbacks. For instance, shared hosting is quite cheap, but if you share a server with disreputable websites, you stand a chance of being blacklisted yourself. Likewise, if the activity of other sites on the server suddenly increases, you may be left without resources needed to run your site. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, gives you all the independence and resources that you may need, but is a very pricy solution. Most mid sized websites won’t go wrong with VPS hosting, while WordPress managed hosting is a great solution if you are running a WordPress site and want someone else to do the most of the technical work, but they can also be a bit expensive, depending on the expected traffic.

Availability of Needed Solutions

If you are building an eCommerce website, you’ll need a host that provides support for the solutions that you intend on using. Commerce is just an example; you have to know what kind of site you’ll be making and everything that you’ll need to run it smoothly, from scripts and solutions to different tools and capabilities. Naturally, when it comes to this kind of thing, you cannot be expected to know everything in advance, so make sure to choose a host which provides support for the majority of the solutions you might need to use at one point in the future

Avoid Free Hosting Offers

If you’ve seen these offers and thought that they sound too good to be true, you were completely right. Apart from offering a very limited amount of resources, providers offering this kind of deal also treat your content as if it was their own, often deleting it as they choose, or using it on other websites. They are also not above plastering different ads all over your website, without consulting you. If that wasn’t enough, the customer service is practically nonexistent, and downtime is more than an occasional occurrence.

Technical Support

Just a couple of minutes of your site’s downtime could end up costing you dearly, and if the provider’s technical support staff is not available or qualified to help you, you might not be able to do anything on your own. Read the customer reviews left about the business, and if you can, sign up for a trial period with them, and only sing the deal if you find that they offer speedy and proficient technical support.

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