Things We Can Learn From the Life of a Developer in IT


Life of a Developer  in IT

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A Code is a form of medium to get the output from the input. When you go through coding you have to overcome obstacles and find errors and remove them and then finally get the output. Same in life we have to go through a lot of difficulties to reach out goal. This article dictates the things we can learn in managing our life from the life of a developer.

An Example of Discipline

When the developers develop a program they make use of variables in order to hold things. An integer holds numbers, doubles for bigger numbers, floats for holding decimals and strings for holding texts. Everything is put into their places for better recognition while reading the program. In the same way, in our lives, we should keep every commodity in the arrangement. The books are to be kept on the table, clothes in the cupboards, vegetables in the fridge, spices in containers and money and jewelry in the lockers.

The way the developers keep everything in separate variables replicate the way we should keep everything organized. A well arrangement of the variable gives a properly representable and readable program. In the same way, keeping everything in the right place gives us an easy and well-organized life.

Keep Safety Measures

Developers use loops in programs and when they use loops they have certain conditions. Loops give conditions such as if a certain condition is an application then it will go to come decision or else it will have another one. In the same way, in our lives also, we should always keep certain safety precautions. Because we exactly do not know when we are going to face any problem. So keeping an escape route for us is always mandatory.

Cleanliness Too

When a developer develops a code, he writes various trial codes, downloads codes from Google and uses up a lot of memory. Once the program is done, the developer saves the final file and then cleans off the remaining memory deleting the unwanted files. From this act of the developers, we learn the lesson of cleanliness and discipline in our lives. Having a disciplined life is good and we have to maintain it always.

Flow Charts Teach Simplification

Software developers use flowcharts in order to write a code for any project. Flowcharts are meant to write the complete program into a flow from the starting till the end where the entire task is divided into smaller parts. So when they code separately for each smaller fragments, the workload is reduced and is simplified. In the same way in our lives also when we do any task with proper planning and overcome all the obstacles step by step, life becomes quite easy and well managed.

Always Note Down Things

Software developers write a comment on each line of the code to tell what exactly that line is written for. This is helpful for others to understand the code and the developer himself needs to read those comments in order to understand the code when they have to read the same code after a longer period of time. In the same way, in our life also we should keep note of all the major decisions and expenses in our daily routine. This is because even the daily routine becomes a blur as time passes and we exactly do not know where we had spent a certain amount or why exactly we made any particular decisions.


Not only all these but still we have a lot to learn from the life of these hardcovers. Life in IT is tough and pressurized. But it teaches us the lessons to live a well arranged and organized life. So not only developers, I would suggest every individual should learn a programming language in their life so that they learn the art of preparing strategies, plannings and ways of completing heavy and difficult tasks with full of grace. That’s what makes life simple and proper.

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