New Concepts of Innovation Strategies in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way from its ancient roots. The pace of introducing new, inventive procedures and methods became staggeringly quick as a consequence of the developments in chemistry and technology. Wide availability of sophisticated lasers, clean and safe materials and educated professionals who perform the operations means that it is easier than ever to decide to undergo a corrective treatment. This article will strategies in esthetic surgery today.

Removing scars is one of the most common reasons for people to consider undergoing a cosmetic treatment. Therapies like Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy work by reducing the amount of collagen which the body uses to build scars. Once collagen is out of the way, scars heal faster and better.

Liposuction has always been considered a problematic cosmetic treatment because of the fact that it is very invasive. HydraSolve, a new technology in this field, addresses this problem successfully by liquifying fat before removal. This strategy makes the removal procedure less traumatic because when liquified, fat becomes much easier to extract. General anesthesia becomes unnecessary, and this means all possible difficulties related to it are eliminated right in the beginning.

New Concepts of Innovation Strategies in Plastic Surgery

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A whole range of new products is available on the market today, focused on providing the best possible results while being completely safe to use. Xeomin, for instance, is a toxin which seeks to offer the same effects as Dysport and Botox, but without the risk of an allergic reaction. This is why Xeomin is made to be protein-free.

One of the most popular trends among the progressive cosmetic surgeons is to try and understand ways in which fat can be used to replace artificial materials, which often cause problems even long after the procedure has been performed. The procedure of breast augmentation can benefit most from this new approach, although there are possible applications in face-lifting treatments. Silicone breast implants, although generally very effective in producing the desired visual effect, can cause a number of problems, including but not limited to the possibility of body choosing to reject them and the fact that they can effectively hide breast cancer and prevent the owner from registering it and acting in time to minimize the damage.While fat will never provide the same volume as breast implants, it’s certainly much safer, since the patient’s body accepts it without problems.

Another presciption drug whose purpose is to provide safety and minimize the risk of stroke and blood clots is Xarelto. Xarelto is particularly effective in avoiding complications during abdominoplasty but it is also very useful in body-lift procedures.

Final Word

While innovation in the field of cosmetic surgery can help in achieving results more efficiently, the key factor of every procedure is still the doctor. This is why it is imperative that people who decide to undergo a cosmetic surgery seek a person who is capable of utilizing the available technology in a responsible way. A board-certified doctor shouldn’t be hard to find in this day and age which is why it is easier then ever to approach them and pick the one who seems the best.

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