How to do On Page SEO Optimization

There are two basic types of SEO strategies which can be implemented for ranking websites on search engines. First one is the On Site SEO Optimization and other one is the Off Site SEO Optimization. Both the strategies are very important and one should know how to perform both these strategies. On Site SEO accounts for 25% of the entire SEO of a website whereas Off Site SEO accounts for about 75%. The process of On Site SEO optimization is done on the website only and today in this post we are going to share some methods using which you can do On Page/Site SEO optimization.

On-Page Optimization

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  • Keyword Research : Finding the keywords which can bring traffic to your website and are highly profitable is known as Keyword Research. We aim to find the best keywords which we can use on our website to get more traffic in Keyword Research. This is one of the most important factor which matters in on page SEO optimization. If we are not using proper keywords then the website might not get traffic and might get wrong traffic and much more worse can happen if wrong keywords are used. Google Keyword Planner can be used for finding the best keywords which can bring high traffic to websites.
  • Content : SEO is considered as the King and Content its queen. If you are not using proper content then your website might not get ranked in search engines. One should always aim to provide high quality articles which are free from errors and mistakes. Never try to copy content from other websites as if you copy content from other websites your website might get banned in Google and other search engines. Proper Keywords must be used inside the articles and keyword stuffing should be avoided. Previously Keyword stuffing was considered good for SEO but now it is considered as a Black Hat technique. 
  • Tags : Tags play a very important role in On Page SEO optimization. Proper placement of Keywords in relevant tags will help you in driving traffic easily to your blog. First of all you should place the main keyword in the Title tag. Keywords should also be placed in Heading Tags because Google crawls the H1, H2 headings and whatever content is present in these headings gets indexed in Google and other search engines. Proper description of the post should be added and keywords should also be used in the Meta Tags fields. Keywords can also be used in Images by adding them in Anchor Tag.
  • Google Authorship : Google Authorship also helps in improving on Page SEO of a website. With the help of Google Authorship you can increase the SERP rankings of your website on search engines particularly Google. By adding Google Authorship to your blog, your name will be displayed along the posts when they will be displayed in Google search results. You have to take help of your Google + profile to start Google authorship on your blog. You can learn more about Google Authorship by clicking here.
  • Permalinks: The URL of your post is known as the permalink. Proper permalinks should be used on the website as it can also help you in improving on page SEO. You can add the keywords in the permalinks of your website. A survey was done regarding the permalinks of websites and it was concluded that the first three words in the permalinks are having a high impact on Search Engines. Adding the Keyword which you are focusing in the first three words will help you in ranking your post easily on search engines.
  • Internal Linking : Linking one post into another helps readers in concentrating on the content present on the website. Try to link posts between one another so that a visitor who is reading that post visits the post which is linked to that post. Moreover if you are linking posts it will help in easy ranking of posts on Search Engines. So you are getting your posts easily ranked on search engines and you are also getting visitors converted into readers by applying Internal Linking to your blog.
  • Adding XML Sitemaps :Sitemaps help in indexing your website on the Search Engines. The entire contents present in your website are present in a sitemap. Each website should have its sitemap and the sitemaps must be submitted in the webmasters accounts of search engines. Once sitemaps have been submitted your entire website will get indexed and all the content which you wanted to get crawled will be present on search engines.

These were some of the factors which must be kept in mind while you are implementing On Page SEO Optimization on your website. If you’re properly implement all the above mentioned steps then your website will get easily ranked in search engines.

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