How Pakistan’s Education Sector Can Benefit from Advancements in IT

Advancements in information technology have greatly benefited education sector in Pakistan. Particularly, since the latest devices like laptops, tablets and personal computers have become more prevalent in schools and colleges. These powerful devices and software have enabled educational institutes to provide better learning experience. In fact, these innovations in IT have helped the institutions to equip their students with the knowledge that can help them become a part of global work force.

Still there is lot of ground to be covered because Pakistan has not been able to exploit the advancement in information technology as west did. A large number of schools in the country are still not offering information technology education to the students. The country has also failed to promote online education or distance learning as there are just two major universities that are offering online programmers, VU and AIOU. The dejected education system and corruption in the sector are making things even more worse.

Pakistan’s Education Sector

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As a result, even after 67 years of independence we are still haunted by low literacy rate. Nevertheless, we can still make things right by using information technology to our benefit, especially in education sector. For instance, teachers can create more interactive and exciting lessons for students by using various multimedia, applications, software and devices. By giving lessons a new dimension, teachers will be able to engage more pupils, as traditional lessons are now effective to an extent only. With latest advancements in the field of IT, teachers will get a chance to lead a more energetic and involved class.

The progression in IT has today also made it possible for us to gain high quality education from a reputable foreign school without getting visa or leaving the country. This new way of gaining knowledge is called online learning. There are numerous international universities that are offering fast track courses and online degree programmes to anyone at extremely low price or free of charge. If our government makes internet available in every part of country at low price, a lot of materially-deprived and people living in remote areas can improve or gain education.

In cities it will enable the professionals to carry on their studies with jobs. In addition, it will allow teachers and students to connect with one and other even outside school hours. “The Griffin Technology Advantage” programme of Seton Hill University is one fine example to consider here. The university has supplied tablets and laptops to their students for both personal and school use in order to boost “creative literacy”. Given that the staff and students of the university got a chance to connect with a wider community that exist beyond their school boundary.

The networking advancement in information technology, which Pakistan needs to focus on as it gives both students and teachers access to great amount of resources and information. For instance, by developing networking between educational institutes students can make use of thesis or practical work of professors, who do not teach at their school.

Apart from this, the government of Pakistan can also equip its youth with international standard of education by encouraging online educational platforms like ninthd. That has formed partnerships with renowned universities of the world like CMU’s iCarnegie Global Learning and Great Britain’s UKCET to offer short training.

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This article has been published by ninthd, which  is a private initiative that along with its advisors and partners is looking to provide essential knowledge to the workforce of Pakistan. A knowledge that will ignite their brains and give them the power and energy they need to improve their living standard.

The aim of ninthd is to offer one million online training courses, in blended model, in next five years. For this purpose ninthd will leverage technology and set up more than 6,000 satellite campuses across the country. The private initiative has already developed partnerships with recognized international institutes like iCarnegie Global Learning, Pearson, StudyGroup, Persontyle and UKCET to offer international education in Pakistan. Furthermore, it will offer the high quality education in local languages with flexible class timings and at unbeatable rates.

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