How Enterprise Mobile Apps Help Healthcare Teams To Work Effectively?

Healthcare of one of the industries that has highly mobile workforce. Doctors and nurses seldom sit at a computer; they need to constantly communicate critical and urgent information to the fellow doctors or nurses all through the day. There is no surprise that many uses messaging as a communication tool to get in touch with their teams. We all know the fact that pagers are uncomfortable and email is slow. Texting goes along with the speed of healthcare teams. But texting is unsecure and is not HIPAA compliant.

According to studies, about 2/3rd of physicians are using smartphones already to access patient data and communicate sensitive health data through their personal mobile gadgets—a highly unsecure communication channel. Violation of secure communication apologies can cost a lot for the health care organizations. In spite of that, healthcare teams are using consumer apps to get their job done. But there are better and secure options they can go for! Numerous teams are now preferring secure enterprise chat applications like U&Me Plus for their team communication. Such apps maintain synchronization between the teams and helps you focus on important things such as delivering best patient care. You may wonder how enterprise mobile apps are useful in the healthcare industries. Well, here are the many ways in which enterprise mobile apps can help healthcare teams. Have a look!

Goodbye, Call Backs & Pagers

Usually, healthcare team has to constantly keep in touch with their colleagues and patients as well to get required information. For them, quick responses are required to take right steps. Though pagers can help communicate to some extent, it is not possible to explain the severity of a situation using them. Also, in critical situations pagers may not be effective in conveying the message and get a quick response. While, texting or messaging apps provide a better way to get quick responses. They help keep everyone on the same page, reducing the need to call back or use pagers to communicate.

How Enterprise Mobile Apps Help Healthcare Teams To Work Effectively

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Accelerated Decision Making

Doctors, nurses, and the care team are always on the move at hospitals: visiting the patients, collecting patient data, attending meeting, assisting in the clinical care and so on. At times, on spot decisions have to be taken. Using a messaging app for healthcare teams, it is easy to share patient data, records, test images and results to speed up decision making. It provides faster and better care.

No Information Leakage

When it comes to the healthcare system, sensitive patient data and records have to be maintained properly. If any confidential data is out of the system, it may lead to dire consequences. As secure enterprise messaging apps are HIPPAA compliant and adopts advanced security standards, the patient information is always maintained confidentially. Also, these apps implement encryption techniques to make sure the patient records are maintained safely.

Send Emergency Alerts

Sometimes you need to convey an important information to the entire staff in the hospital at earliest. Whether it is a security breach, outage in the hospital or a medical emergency that needs attention. Using secure enterprise messaging app, you can instantly compose a message and send it across the team. Making sure everyone receives the alert and stay updated, irrespective of the location where they are. Also, the management of hospital can broadcast important news or announcements to all the staff at a time.

Locate & Manage Equipment Effectively

Be it a small nursing home, laboratory or large hospital, medical equipment such as ECG machine, medicine cart etc., always move around. Maintaining a track of these machinery location is quite challenging. Using messaging apps, care teams can quickly send a message to teammates to locate where exactly the equipment is.

Quickly Get Helping Hands

There are times when things become hectic in just a few seconds. Problems may arise. Recalling who is on shift or off shit may be confusing. Also, getting in touch with the physician or the care team can be time taking. A simple text the staff can reduce the time to locate the person you want provides you time to focus on patient care. Also, you can share the patient test results with your superiors to get suggestions.

So, don’t you think healthcare teams should use the secure enterprise mobile apps? Check out U&Me  for yourself, get your team on this platform and try it out as a team.

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