How Does the Web Give a New Birth to Printed Pictures

As the digital camera conquered the world in the 2000s, it was hard to predict what would happen to the traditional photo printing culture. Hand in hand with the rise of the digital camera market, the affordability of huge hard disks has also contributed to the falling-into-oblivion process of the classical analogue printed photography. However, different winds have started blowing recently.

Printed Pictures

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Vanished in the web haze

First of all, many people who decided to store their memories on hard disks ended up losing them. A computer virus or accidental deletion of photos of your child when he or she was a baby can really make you mad. That is why more and more people started creating back-up versions on portable storage devices. But that also costs money. And there is also a possibility that these data will also be lost. Lately, cloud storage space has become a popular option for collecting photos. Still , the risk of losing your memories in the web haze is still pretty high .

Return to more humane touch

The digital camera, as well as numerous photo options of the cutting-edge smartphones and tablets, offers an incredible number of options, modes and fine tuning-features for everybody, from amateur teenagers to experienced photo enthusiasts. However , lots of people simply want to return to a more humane sense of photography. We all have either old parents or even grandparents with whom it is much nicer to share real photo albums and photos books than only gallop them through an online photo folder with the photos from the latest trip. In addition , many people don’t only decide to print the photos made with their digital camera, but also turn to old-school analogue cameras and get fantastic photos.

Printed Pictures

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Social media encourage real stuff

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are definitely the online hubs of digital photography. If you don’t have a social media account, it is as if you’re not alive at all; and if you don’t upload your photos to those groups, it is also a state very close to being only partly alive. If you’ve joined this photo-posting crowd, you can also make great use of them for printing, as well. They can save you a lot of time, thanks to the fact that you can simply use the photos from your social media profiles when you decide to have them printed. If you decide to get assistance from print photos online specialist, they can easily connect with your profile and download the desired photos from there.

Printed Pictures

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Bright future for printing

The tendency from 2010 to 2015 has been developing in favor of printed photography. For instance, a study shows that the total retail photo book value in 2014 was about $1.4. Photobooks have had a faster development than ordinary photo albums and mere photo printing over the last few years thanks to a great number of options photo-books offer. Apart from that, new trends, like 3D printing are also taking a substantial share of the market, giving a new incentive to the printing business.

It can be concluded that we should be happy and contented with so many options that we have for photos nowadays. We can take thousands of photos and keep them all in electronic form, but also make great personalized photobooks. By using all these features, we can add a new value to our photo experience.

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