Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS Comparison Review

Every one of us carries a smart phone. They have undoubtedly become an integral part of our lives. And we have become addicted to their use. Well choosing such a companion without whom we cannot even think of spending a very short period of time has never been easy. Our demands have pushed cell phone manufacturing companies to come up with products which match our needs and desires and yes these manufacturing companies are very good at finding out what we exactly want.

Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS Comparison Review

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There are endless possibilities when it comes choosing a cell phone for yourself. However, a refined approach would be to decide upon an operating system first. There are quite a few worthy operating systems (OS) offered by well-known companies such as Microsoft offers Windows, Google has Android, Apple comes up with its own iOS, and others. These are widely known and accepted mobile OS around the globe. Folks using a particular OS develop an affiliation with the one they are using over time. A research published by GIGAOM reflects how loyal the users of a particular OS are. StealthLuck Blog shares same interesting stats along with some other findings while comparing Android and iOS. The point is that you have to be very careful in analyzing what you want before choosing any particular software. Because once you start using one, it becomes very difficult to switch to the other one.


To shorten the list we can simply find out about the most used OS around the globe. Findings from IDC make it very clear that the most commonly used mobile OS are Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS respectively. Android is by far the winner when it comes to number of people using this software, however, Apple is considered to be more innovate, user friendly, and a symbol depicting class. On the same time it does not provide you with many choices to choose from in terms of style, color, and shape. On the contrary Android is found on smart phones offered by many different cell phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony only to name a few of them.

Therefore, if you want a greater pool to select from the go for Android otherwise Apple is the best pick for you!

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