Going on Vacation with Your Pet

people can be separated into 2 groups ; the ones who take their pets with them for a vacation and the other ones who leave them at home, i.e. find someone to look after them. While it can be understood that traveling by plane or to far destinations should include excluding your pet from the passenger list, leaving the pet at home in case of car family trips is simply unacceptable. That’s why, here are some hints on taking your pet with you for a vacation and have a great time with him or her.

Going on Vacation with Your Pet

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Getting used to motion

While smaller animals, such as hamsters or parrots, are usually not taken for a vacation or at least do not require so many preparations, larger animals, such as dogs, demand a lot of care and attention before they are ready to hit the road. Actually, dogs are the most trip-sensitive, so they have to get used to the idea that you are going to drive them to the vacation destination. That is not an easy task, so it is better to start at once if you want the dog get ready for the journey. The key to success when it comes to teaching your dog to ride in car without any physical problems is a gradual preparation to such a situation. First of all, you have to introduce the car to your dog. The best way of doing that is letting him or her in the car while the vehicle is not in motion. Also, let it sit and lie at the part of the back area in which your canine pet will spend the trip. Then treat him or her to a fine dog’s biscuit, to award them for that step. Also, you need to show them verbal praise, as well. After you see that they react well to the car, try attaching the dog to the seat belt. If you have a crate, then make him or her used to being in the crate, first without motion and then go for short drives. Remember that every single step that your dog successfully makes should be awarded with something they like. For instance, you could always have a package of Eukanuba food in your car and give a portion to the dog for each stage.

Check dog’s physical condition

Even if you and your dog do everything by the book, there is always a possibility that the dog picks up a virus and becomes nauseous or nervous on the road. That can be stopped by visiting a vet before the trip. The vet can make tests to see if the dog is capable of going on the trip. It is essential that owners always track their dog’s behavior, so that they could give appropriate information to the vet and spare themselves inconveniences on the road. In addition to that, even if your dog turns out to be healthy and ready for the vacation, always bring a medicine kit for your dog with you to be able to react in case of emergency.

Check dog's physical condition

Image Credit : humanesociety

Inside the car

Always make sure that the dog has enough room and that he or she can look out through the window. If the dog does not see where you are taking him or her, it could cause a panic attack and ruin all the progress he or she has done. For smaller dogs get a small seat, so that they could look out and feel relaxed.

When it comes to the air in the cabin, make sure that the window is always opened at least a little, so that the air is fresh throughout the drive.

Whoever has a chance of taking the pet along on a vacation should do that. All pets are equal, but dogs usually build a special kind of bond, especially with children. That way everybody will be together and great fun is guaranteed for all the family members.

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