Experimenting With a New Technique in Visual Presentation

Written content is and always will be the most important thing on a blog. Still, people being, by their nature, more prone to visual communication, having the visual aspect on your mind is a must. In fact, what gives the most credibility to published blog posts is not text, but visual design.


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Today, that is not just a job for a graphic designer. A blogger must know how to create more appealing articles by including visual elements. That is not as difficult as it might seem, with the various apps and tutorials designed to make those tasks easier.

Here are a few ways to experiment with visual presentation.


Articles with images get over 90 percent more views than those with bare text. Bloggers should be encouraged not only to use images in their posts, but to create and edit their photographs. Using original images taken by the blogger personally or a signed author will generate more credibility and trust between the readers and the blogger.

EyeEm Collage

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With today’s top-notch photo apps, such as EyeEm, bloggers are able to create more appealing images, by using filters, fine tuning and other editing tools. Many of these apps can and should be used for sharing the images at social media sites.


Videos are, in many cases, a great alternative for the combination of words and images. A video can also serve as the perfect complement to some text. The fact that about 100 million users watch an online video each day makes this visual element one of the most welcome assets a blog can have.


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The video should be of considerably high quality and contain valuable information or entertaining content. Some of the best choices are explanatory videos (how to), customer testimonials or product demonstration.


In 2014, the use of infographics increased from negligible 9 percent to a staggering 52 percent. It is because of the fact that they are a great way to present some complicated information in a form that is suitable for short attention spans.

The design and layout must be impactful and eye-catching. That can be achieved by using different colors, fonts and shapes. Some of the simplest infographic tools are Vizualize, Easel.ly, Piktochart, Infogr.am, etc.


One does not simply publish a blog post without a good meme. Memes are a great way to engage young audiences into commenting, sharing and liking posts, especially on social media. Including memes in articles is a great way to evoke positive reactions and be a step ahead of the competition.

Humorous captions can build a community around the blog. The memes that are being used must be in accordance with the niche of the blog and the preferences of the audience.


Presentations have similar function as infographics – to explain some information in a simple form, focusing on shapes, images and colors to gain attention. They are used if a topic is too long and demanding.


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The presentation does not have to be based only on facts (the facts that are being used have to be clear and true), it can have a certain humorous aspect to be able to grab people’s attention. The simplest tool to create a presentation is PowerPoint.


Screenshots are useful for backing up some claims about the content, feedbacks, working process, etc. Though they are not the most attention-grabbing type of content, they can have long-term benefits by building trust between the visitors and the blogger. Screenshots can also be included in presentations and infographics, for a twofold gain.

Overall Visual Appearance

Presence on multiple social media platforms and active updating of the blog’s visual design is a must for a blogger striving to success. One of the great examples of how to use the power of the visual is Starbucks, injecting originality and personality into its visual elements. The blog should be designed according to the niche and it should be coherent in fonts and visual presentation.

The visual elements should be included not only in the blog itself, but in social media posts too. With the use of available tools simplifying the creation of the visual content, anyone can master the needed skills.

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This article has been written by Sophia Smith , she’s a freelance writer from Brisbane , Australia with giant curiosity about beauty , makeup , fashion & graphic design . She could be described as beauty addict & life lover . She writes mainly in beauty related topics , mostly through blogs and articles . Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics regarding beauty , fashion & lifestyle .

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