Consider ERP for Food and Drugs Industries

Food and Drugs Industries is one industry which is heavily dominated by statutory and compliances. Rightly so, since a lot of lives are dependent on both. In every country, Food and Drugs industries is regulated by government associations which have a guideline set for manufacturing, purchasing, storing, distributing and export. While it is a necessary step taken to keep lives safe, it is a complex process for the management.


At every step, there is a supervision in some form required along with the accountability of the responsible person. Hence, it becomes all the more crucial for the management to see data movement and visibility. A lot of these companies take help of legacy systems, POS, or even Excel and Spreadsheets to maintain data and transparency. In today’s day and age where competition is high and risk of damage higher, the management needs to be on their toes to meet all the statutory requirements while keeping the customer base strong; and to do that, the management can take help of an ERP Software.

Here are the following reasons why you should consider an ERP for your Food and Drugs Industry:

  1. cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practice or cGMP are regulations enforced by the US FDA which are guidelines to ensure proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Unarguably, when the regulations are mapped with the processes and the department along with the employees, there will be better control, higher accountability and lesser data loss or negligence. With a food ERP software, the management is sure to view all the processes on the common platform.
  2. Consistency – Products in Food and Drugs industries need to consistent since they are for consumption purpose and in case of drugs, lives depend on it. Hence, the composition of the ingredients, the taste, and the atmosphere for storage needs to be consistent throughout. With a medical ERP software, you can store the recipe and the formulas at one place so that it is accessible by everyone.
  3. Purchase control – Purchase of raw material in Food and Drugs industries needs to be of the same standard and quality throughout. Hence, the purchase needs to be monitored and control minutely along with the purchase schedule. With an ERP system, the management can bring the vendor of the raw material to keep track of all shipments and record which batches are coming in. This traceability also helps to identify defects if any in the batches and return them.
  4. Label Printing – Printing of Labels is an important aspect of Food and Drugs industry. Labels have details about the nutritional value, manufacture and expiry dates, how to store the product, warnings if any. With an ERP system, the information can be stored in a central repository to be accessed whenever required. The information can also be mapped to different products so that when the labels go for printing they can be made in accordance with the quantity to avoid any wastage.
  5. Supply Chain Management – Food and Drugs need to be stored at a specific temperature which makes the supply and distribution an expensive and a challenging task. With an ERP system, the management can chalk out shorter paths, keep real time track of the supply along with the costs involved. An ERP system also helps with the documentation and formalities of the supply and distribution making everything centralized and transparent.

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This article has been written by Neetu Singh, she is creative & a technical writer focusing on cloud trends, CRM Software Solutions, business intelligence/analytics, SMAC, Industry 4.0, ERP and HCM technologies. A self-made influencer, she desires to be an Industry 4.0 & cloud evangelist with a penchant for digital marketing. She writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd , a service provider of robust & scalable enterprise management solutions to mid-sized businesses in India .

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    Hi Neetu, very good Article. I’ve learnt lot of from this blog. Thanks for sharing keep up the good work.

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