Best Predatory Strategies in Digital Marketing

Being present online is great. However, it is even better if you become visible and recognizable. These two terms, i.e. recognizability and visibility are the most important features for a person or a product that needs to be observed and seen on the web. But this is much more easily said than done. Today everybody uses social groups and almost everybody is capable of launching a website, at least the one of a template quality. But that is not enough. Those who really want to stand out and become leading members of online community have to apply some more advanced or at least faster digital marketing strategies.

Blogging in all ways

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Blogging in all ways

The problem with blogs is that today everybody thinks that they know how to write a blog and earn a lot of money. The truth is, however, so far away from such thinking. First of all, you should not write a blog if you are a no name. Who are you? Why is your opinion on the crisis in the Ukraine relevant? People often get stuck with ideas and solutions that are beyond their reach. Contrary to that, regular blogging can be of great importance in the digital world. However, two preconditions must be fulfilled; firstly, you need to be appreciated for and have some formal references. Secondly, the site that publishes your blogs needs to be a high-quality one. Only such a combination is the winning one. However, there can be an agreement on affiliate marketing, where a middle-business site hires an expert to write a column to generate more leads.


E-mailing on fire

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E-mailing on fire

E-mailing has been here as a digital marketing method for a long time. However, it can be used in more original ways. Many people and businesses compile mailing lists and then just keep sending dull e-mails with different information. Well, e-mail service can be used in many more advanced ways. First of all, include the notification on recent blog posts. If your site deals with car brands and you decide to have a guest post about recent models by a former race driver, then such a thing deserves improved social media performance of the site through Facebook and Twitter posts and it also has to be included in e-mail newsletters sent to your clients. Also, never overload promo e-mails with images, because it will slow down the whole procedure of reading them and getting the key idea.


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The power of images

It is hard to imagine a business that wants to reach online success and still does not have an Instagram profile. While Facebook also offers the possibility of launching pictures, Instagram is all about the visual aspect of individuals and businesses. So, if you are a web designer and you have just created a great new logo and for a company, then posting it to your profile (on any social media) will be a great plus for you. Thanks to the rise in the world of smartphones and wireless Internet communication, photos can be instantaneously posted to your profiles, adding to the visual side of the web and that way the whole digital marketing concept has been sped up enormously. Now a picture tells us more than a thousand words and it is also uploaded much faster.

Nowadays everything is striving to become digital. Even people themselves are behaving almost like robots. The virtual space has introduced some new concepts and everyone who wants to succeed today needs to follow the rules of the online jungle. And all of us who grew up in the ’80s know that in the jungle only the predator(s) can survive. So, those who manage to become and stay proactive and predator-like in online marketing will be successful and stay on a winning streak.

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Dan RadakThis article has been written by Dan Radak, he is a VPS (Virtual private server) security & Hosting specialist. Currently he is a consultant in a couple of e-commerce companies. Lately he has been interested in studying related themes.

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