Best And Useful “i” Products Till Now

Apple captured the world’s imagination & held them in a sway with the inventive manner in which they presented their products. The user friendly interface, ergonomic design and the smart manner in which a “need” was created out of a mere “want” has what led the company to break boundaries. The company perpetrated the consumer electronics market in the most innovative fashion with the Apple computers and iPod which saw a number of variants before they digressed into devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

They did not limit themselves to electronic devices, but created virtual markets where one might purchase music , movies, books, applications to address every lifestyle, business, entertainment and other needs. Of course, some of their products have become obsolete due to the changing times and device capabilities. We make a list of the best and most useful “i” products that the company has launched till now.

Apple II

This is where it all began. Launched exactly an year after the Apple I, the Apple II, designed primarily by Steve Wozniack was the fastest selling personal computer of its time. It was the first computer with color graphics & printer & floppy drive connectivity. It was an 8-bit computer with 1MHz MOS Technology, 6502 Microprocessor and 4KB RAM.

The company sold over 300,000 units of this system even at a princely price of $1,298, generating the company a marvelous profit.


Apple Macintosh, popularly known as Mac created the personal computer revolution with its distinct design, monitor, keyboard, mouse and the contemporary graphic user interface.


After Steve Jobs returned post his famous ejection, the company announced the iMac series in 1998 with the iMac 3G, first in the range. It was the first personal computer with the monitor and CPU in a single system and the first system where you could see the inside of the computer. It was released in 13 new colors and to have USB ports as a standard. It was at the launch of the first iMac that Steve Jobs revealed the meaning behind the “i” in the iMac, it stood for internet and personal use.


Image Credit : cotoha



The iPod was the first stylis MP3 player that had a 10-hour long battery life and could store 1000 songs. In fact, their slogan for the device advertisement was “1000 songs in your pocket”. The famous click- wheel to scroll down the playlist, teh 5GB-10GB versions that later expanded to 160GB devices set the device apart. The iPod was launched as iPod Nano, iPod Touch (with internet connection option), and iPod Shuffle, with variation in sizes and features.


Image Credit : multitask


There were tablets before iPad, just as there were MP3 players before iPod, however, Apple’s knack for reinventing a market comes to the fore with the manner in which it launched the iPad. The 9.7 inch over sized-iPhone as the device was known, has a big following in the media industry. With the iPad Air, the company has launched the thinnest tablet in the market with LTE connectivity and at a thickness of 7.5millimeter, it is 2 millimeter thinner than the processor as well. With this latest offering, Apple has established itself as the leader of the tablet market.


Image Credit : techspot & imore


iTunes and App Store

Apple’s forte is its stable hardware, but the biggest piece of software that turned its fortune around is iTunes and App Store. The iTunes was launched as a sort of jukebox for the Mac PCs, however, it later metamorphosed into a full-fledged store for music, movies, TV shows and books among other content. It could be used for syncing media with the Apple device and to burn CDs. It also acts as a media player for desktops.

The App Store breathes the soul into Apple devices such with its vast range of applications that perform various functions. In the past year, the App Store has witnessed over 3 bullion app downloads from over 500,000 applications. In fact, it is the largest application market with the highest download rate and the most number of profit earning applications.


The iPhone deserves a special mention among Apple products because it has been consistently named as the most ergonomic device with a stable architecture and multiple functions. It can be said that the iPhone set the standard for a complete mobile phone with a beautiful design and secure features. It currently holds around 50% of the world smartphone market share.

The iPhone 5S came with TouchID, a feature that revolutionizes mobile payments. It is an upcoming opportunity which Apple is trying to tap going by the figures of mobile transactions conducted on Apple devices.

iphone 5S

Image Credit : gadgetkita

Apple is one of the most loved companies and the primary reason for this is the innovative manner in which it has integrated technology into our everyday lives, be it business or personal. The company continues to innovate and create products that capture the world’s imagination and change the way we interact.

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