Apple iPhone 5s – Brilliant Smartphone device with 13MP Camera

The much awaited iPhone 5s has finally announced its launch date! All those of you who have used it know very well how awesome it is to use. For those of you who have not used it yet, here’s a review just out of you. iPhone is known for interesting features that make your hands look smart while on it. No doubt every iPhone has an interesting mix of touch and feel including the games and apps that make you feel like holding the phone a bit longer. Ask iPhone lovers and, they will tell you how much they love this phone more than the others.

No iPhone user would have deliberately shifted to another phone thanks to the ease of use and, the brilliance of technology at work with the iPhone. So, what is new with the iPhone 5s other than it is an upgraded version of the iPhone 5? Obviously, one of the top most smartphone manufacturers would not be there at the top of the list just to create another phone that would try and ape others or, worse still not have any features at all.

Yes, iPhone 5S is out with the most amazing features and design that will make you want to buy one immediately.


The design is what characterizes a smartphone the best way. So, let’s begin by talking about the design of this new smartphone from Apple. Who are the potential buyers of this phone? They would either be people owning the 4s version or people who are just tired of their Android handsets. The first thing to talk about this amazing phone is that it is light weight unlike the Android phones.

This phone feels absolutely easy to hold on to and, you won’t even feel its weight. It is lighter than its previous versions too. The screen size is 4inch which gives it a good feel. It is a compact phone that fits your hand absolutely fine. The best part of this design is that you can touch it with your thumb and, still have fun.

Apple iPhone 5S


The design includes a camera but, it is still a separate thing to talk about. The iPhone 5s has a 13 MP camera which is too good resolution for any camera. Phones are becoming popular for their camera and, with the 13 MP version iPhone 5s is giving an amazing camera for the users. The zoom features with this camera is too good.

The high definition images would make you want to click more photos. What’s more you can easily sync the pictures with your iPad or load it to your social media pages. This makes the camera seem a beauty to have. So, this new feature of the iPhone is certainly going to attract many users of android and other phones to it.

The camera is one thing for which Android was known for and, now iPhone has broken its records with the 13MP camera that they have launched with the 5S.


Yes, iPhone 5s is coming with newer and better applications just for you. With the 5s, many developers are set to work. They are being asked to make apps that are creatively engaging as well as useful for the kids for their education. These newer and better apps will set the 5s apart from the previous versions as well as android phones. The Google maps app is also going to be upgraded with the launch of this new version of the iPhone.

The Colourful Device:

iPhone is known for being colourful even just offered in two colours. The neat design with outstanding build quality goes really well with this device. No wonder it attracts people of all age groups including kids and adults.

The External Build

This phone is made out of aluminium thus making it scratch resistant. The whole make of the phone is in such a way that even if it falls, there won’t be a single scratch on its body. So, basically the whole build of the phone is all set for kids and adults who tend to drop their phones every now and then. So, with the external build being so strong, 5s is all set to rock many worlds.

The Miscellaneous Design Changes

The headphone jack has also changed in case of 5s. They have made it more appealing and attractive for the users. Yes, music is on with this new headphone jack in a rocking manner. The company has changed the charger too! Now, you cannot use a duplicate charger but, the original charger would be amazing and, it would run a long time. So, you don’t have to worry.

The connector pin is small in case of 5s. A small chunk of light is observed in the right corner of the phone which marks originality. This cannot be replicated plus it is not observed under regular light either. You can only see it when there is illumination.

The Front Facing Camera

With the iPhone 5s, there is an interesting and brilliant front camera. The front camera enables you to can take self-portraits without any issue. It might be offered with a 2 MP on the front to enough ensure brilliant photos being taken. So, now if you wish to click a good photo of you and, your special someone, you don’t need to wait for another person to take it or take a few bad shots till you can manage a good one. With 5S’s front camera, you can click your own photos on the go without asking anyone for any help.

So, with such great features and brilliant camera posing as your lucky charm, iPhone 5s is definitely the phone to buy. Yes, you can always bet on this phone if you are really bored with the Android platform.

Author Bio: The article has been written by Kundan Kumar, who is passionate about technology and how its changing everyone’s life by making it easier. He’s working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from devices to innovations.

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