5 Things to Avoid When Losing Weight

Losing weight is not just about watching your diet and avoiding certain foods, however it is also about exercising and giving your body ample rest and sleep. However, food is the primary reason one can gain and lose weight. It not only needs to be healthy, but should also fulfill the purpose of the nutrients that your body needs.

When you are weight watching, it is obvious that when hunger pangs strike , an apple is a much better choice than a packet of chips to fill your stomach. Some foods are not so obvious with regards to their ill effects on your weight. We are here to tell what you should avoid at all costs when you are watching your weight:

1) White Potatoes – Rich in fiber and carbohydrates, potatoes don’t really work their magic on the waistline. According to a research done at Harvard in 2011, potatoes are a major cause of weight gain over a prolonged period, whether taken as chips, mashed or even boiled.

2) White bread – A staple of many bakeries, but it doesn’t have any nutritional value . It includes a high sugar content and doesn’t keep your hunger satisfied for a long time. Therefore after a while, you find yourself grabbing a quick bite or an unwanted snack. White bread is also another food source that makes you gain weight over a prolonged time (12 years according to some researches). It is advisable to replace white bread with multi grain breads or brown breads, easily available in the market.

3) Soda pop and Coffee – Sugar sweetened drinks like soda do not work well for weight. They are known to contribute a lot to the weight according to many studies. Even diet soda has shown prolonged weight gain effects as per tests. Fancy coffee drinks like a mocha contains about 600 calories, more than one meal of the day. Two cups of coffee are fine and stimulating, but coffee to the tune of 5 cups a day causes increased fat retention and risk of metabolic syndrome.

5 Things to Avoid When Losing Weight

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4) Fast Food -The obvious evil, yet extremely tempting. They are food with high energy density levels, that is, small portions of food can contribute to a lot of calories. In addition to causing the piling of pounds, they have little or almost no nutritional value. Fried foods’re also associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which make you more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. Consider eating baked or boiled food, than fried.

5) Red Meat – The red meat not only contributes to your weight, but also to many cardiovascular diseases. The study by Harvard puts consumption of red meat in the top five. Carter Ava is a well versed blogger, health analyst and loves to write around health niche like natural weight loss tips and many more. She has written a number of articles around bringing awareness towards health tips to lead a better life.

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ava carter : AuthorThis article has been written by Carter Ava,  she’s a well versed blogger, health analyst & loves to write around health niche article like natural weight loss tips & many more. She has written a number of articles around bringing awareness towards health tips to lead a better life.

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