Your Live Chat Tool Means More Business Success

What happens when online shopping by many customers feel disconnected from the seller? They want to know more about what they intend buying but they don’t feel like sending in an email as they want someone who can efficiently answer their questions in real time with real precision. Instead of watching potential customers clicking the back button and searching for the perfect product with the best support its time to add a live chat support tool which has the ability to provide answers to all customers right away while adding significant other benefits in improving sales and also promises improved customer retention.

Online chat systems provide customers’ immediate and easy access to what they want to know which makes purchase decisions rather easier for them. The waiting time is much less compared to a call center, which makes it easier for customers to multi-task while waiting! In addition to that with a live chat tool customers are relieved from the pain of having to dial and wait to be connected to the relevant department.

According to the ATG commissioned survey across four major global markets exploring online customers’ preferences and their perceptions about the live chat tool ninety percent of the customers considered it as a helpful tool for getting better business efficiently. It was also found in an survey that sixty three percent preferred returning back to the same website which had a live chat tool.

The online live chat software can amazingly save a lot of money with regard to phone expenses and task time for an employee. The most prominent cost savings include:

1. Reduction of contact center costs that lowers the overall “interaction cost” significantly.

2. Live chat facilitates the increase in efficiency by dedicating live chat representatives to completely manage multiple chats reducing the need to hire more reps.

What makes live chat popular is that it takes away so many worries from customers and also does not let them feel helpless and dependent on an e-mail reply from the seller. Online chat with probable customers provides easy and timely access to customers’ pain points! It makes a great difference to have someone from that website to immediately answer any questions related to the product or service if the customer feels confused or has a question that can make a sale.

In a recent survey by a famous research company it was found that many popular retail businesses do not offer a chat facility. For customers using live chat they can easily ensure that the product or service in question will perform as per advertisement or that promotion can also offer the discount required. When live chat reps talk to their customers online they are in a better position to find out ways to improve and develop their company’s products and services according to the customer’s requirement.


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Some handy tips to add more to your business:

First and foremost! You need to train your live chat reps as it is important for them to be extremely knowledgeable about product/service, website navigation (When you own an online shop that’s global chances are that some of your website visitors can also be from other countries, analytics are important as they determine when people visit your site) and inventory position. It is always better to provide FAQ’s and cheat sheets to improve your reps performance which will also make it easier for them to efficiently answer customer questions confidently.

System generated chats are of no use! When employing online chat reps for sales what’s important is to provide warm, human help to your customer’s shopping experience! System generated replies can simply kill the effectiveness of the online live chat!


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• You need to boost your social position your sales people should be able to guide your reps to courteously advise your visitors to “Like” your Facebook page and leaving positive comments!


Today, live chat provides the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage making a business function successfully. Live chat is rapid as its available right away making customers engaged with an employee who is able to better understand their requirements! Moreover, the employee is in a perfect position to advise the customer how the product can be of use to the customer. Sometimes even if a customer does not need the product being offered from such a website but providing good support can result in future referrals by such customers.

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