Where to Begin on Social Media for Business

So you fell behind on the social media revolution, and were never able to put a solid social media plan in place for your business. Trends come and go all the time, you can just jump on the “next best thing”, right? Wrong. Social media is here to stay. It isn’t so much that users are addicted to Facebook and Twitter and they’ll never get off, it’s that the way people view, share, and gather information has changed dramatically in the past ten years. This is why it’s never too late to start getting your social media rolling for your business.

Photo Credit: dreamstime.com

Photo Credit: dreamstime.com

Whether you’re part of a new business, or an existing business that’s been doing well but is looking for new opportunities, your Denver social media marketing agency can help you. With persistent work, and a know-how for the industry, any company can build and maintain a healthy web presence. Where do we start? You need to know what platforms are best for your business and how you’ll tackle each. Then, develop a content sharing plan appropriate for each platform, and finally, stay proactive with social media trends.

What Social Platform is Right for Your Business?
There are well over 100 social media platforms available. Of those, maybe five are appropriate for you. It all depends on where your audience is looking. A business-to-business company may find LinkedIn as a great platform to reach people, while a business-to-consumer company may find Facebook as the best method. Do some research on businesses in your field, or some other businesses you really look up to and find out what they’re doing on social media. What’s important, is that wherever your prospective customers look, there you are. Social media is becoming more powerful for organic search results. Look at your social network as an extension of your own website.

Develop a Content Plan
It sounds easy at first: “we need to produce content so people can find us!” Once you get down to it, however, it proves more difficult. You’re in for a world of pain if you go into content development blindly. Sit down with your sales and marketing team to discover what exactly prospects pain point are. Identify pain points at each part of the buying cycle (education, evaluation & decision) and build content that supports each point. The best course of action may be a blog to provide educational material, video to give good product comparison during evaluation, and customer testimonials collected on Facebook when it comes decision time. Social media provides an outlet and a place to discuss each piece of content.

Staying Proactive
Social media success can be fast, it can be slow. But stick with it over the long haul, and you’ll reap the rewards of connecting with your community. If not, make sure you read up on all the latest social media trends. I recommend keeping up with Brian Solis’ blog. The way consumers make decisions is changing. Stay agile with these changes, and your customers will see you as an industry leader they want to work with.

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Nickie Snyder is an online business consultant and blogger. She blogs about social media optimization, online marketing, search engine optimization, ppc and so on. She believes that internet marketing has become more creative and enjoyable with social media. She helps people to create result-oriented SMM strategies and implementations.

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