When Private Tutoring Meets State-Owned Schools

This question has been here for many centuries. In the past, only the members of the clergy and the nobility had the benefit of getting proper education. In the old times, it meant learning to read and write. If we take into consideration for how long we have been on this planet, it is unbelievable that mass education started only after the French Revolution, but mostly in the 19th century. And there has always been a difference between private schools and state-owned schools. In addition to that, in private schooling, there is also a difference between private schools and private tutoring.



Private schools

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* Benefits

First of all, to attend a private school, you need to have a lot of money. Well, not really millions, but more money than what a great majority of blue-collar and most of white-collar workers have. All private schools require fees and only upper middle-class and high-class can afford sending their children to these institutions.

In private schools, however, classes are usually smaller and teachers are more motivated. Also, children who finish renowned private schools will have better references for further education. This could be important when going to college or university.

* Drawbacks

Apart from the financial aspect, private schools are pretty autistic. It is true that you have better conditions for studying and gaining new knowledge in private schools, but you are also detached from the real world and everyday worries and struggles of most of the children who attend state-owned schools. For children whose parents belong to high class, that does not have to be too bad, because they will probably spend their lives among people equal to their status. However, middle-class children could have social problems outside the private school education.

In addition to that, private schools are sometimes gender divided to girls-only schools or classes and boys’ classes. Although it has been so for many decades, the 21st century upbringing should be able to offer more than that.


Private Tutoring

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State-owned schools

Since the nature of state owned schools is so confusing, we will not make any subdivisions of this paragraph.

When it comes to state-owned schools, there is hardly any elitism. However, it cannot be said that everything is bad. It is more like rule of thumb. There is that principle about the right of every child to get proper education, but it is more the matter of luck. If you are lucky to have a good teacher in a state-owned school, there is no difference between these schools and the private ones. But that is only a mere result of luck. However, many state-owned schools do pay attention to their staff and people know which ones hire only high-quality teachers and which ones are chaotic.

Another advantage of state-owned schools is the social component and the self-reliance that students are taught to. In a state-owned school, you should always rely on your own resources. You also have to take care of yourself and make your own study notes. Teachers are here, but they have to cope with many students, who must be focused on developing skills for life.

For people who do not have too much money, there are no doubts – state-owned schools are their only option. People who can afford private schooling need to think twice before they decide to enroll their child(ren) to a private school. It could be a waste of money in terms of education and a great miss in the social part of upbringing of their children.

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