What’s rising / What’s falling: Know stock market updates with iPhone applications

Stock Market Updates

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iPad is an amazing tool when it comes to managing the finances, so why you must consider monitoring and checking the stocks as an exception? Apple has done amazing job by providing various apps for stock management which can help the people who are into stock market or always want the updates. The internet can aid you to get the complete list of the apps that are third party apps. The list of a few of them has been rolled down below; you can have a glance on a few of them:

Forbes Intelligent Investing:

If you will dig up trusted names in the world of finance, Forbes will definitely pop out in the list. The newcomers and experienced investors both can get this app to their iPhone as it is available for free which is designed by excellent minds of a venerable publication. There are many features that you can find such as investment articles, panel discussions and many more news relevant to the market. After knowing all its advantages, you cannot afford to ignore this app.

The Street.com

Stock Market Updates

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This destination will allow you to offer a perk of iPhone App Development services which will let you to get the access of all resources directly at a single point. This app is available for free which will provide you to get the elaborated quotes including updates news of market, proprietary stock-ratings model, opinions from the experts and market. You will also get an option that will allow you to look up all the favorite stocks quickly. You will also get a user-friendly menu system which makes it more popular.

Fantasy Stock:

The stock market is always proven to be a bit threatening. There are a few inherent risks that are enough to give you a lot of stress and restlessness. Fortunately, there are some iPhone apps that will allow you to have a try before you play. Similarly, this app will allow you to purchase the actual stocks in a virtual mode so that you can see that how well they are performing. It is a funny app in which anyone can get interested with purchasing and selling stocks. You can get a smooth and amazing life plans for future as well.

Stock Touch:

This app will bequeath beautiful stock quotes and charts. This way you can easily predict the information with the help of those visuals. This app can be exclusively used on the extreme up and extreme down of the day to see, if there are any stock that are going against the flow.

Stock Guru:

Stock market updates

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Stock Guru is deemed as one of the best option for the regular traders. It will stock up all the information including volatility comparisons, exchanges, valuation rankings and much more that you may never get with other apps. This app is really worth the money and you will realize it as soon as you will download. Being into a stock market, you can also hire iPhone App Developer.


This app was awarded as one of the best apps among top 7 in 2011. Its sterling features will allow you to keep the track of all the investments by market research, analysis and insights. All the content of this free app are available at Morning.com which is a reputable name among investing tips and online stock.


If you are the native of U.S or interested in U.S. market, this app is the best option. It will give you a quick and detailed view of entire economy of U.S. You might feel a bit amazing to know that this is the best-selling app that will meet all your needs. This app will give you a plethora of apparent features along with latest values for U.S. economic indicators. This is not the end of its leverages as you will also get support by U.S. Federal Reserve, optional Twitter support, up-to-date numbers and an ability to download data for later reference.

Stock Glance:

stock market updates with iPhone applications

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There are several times when you need to follow a particular stock very closely. Stock Glance will help you out in such situations. This app will put the current market rates of a stock directly on your iPhone device. You can get the updates throughout the day with the latest prices and therefore, it is amazingly complimenting other fully-fledged apps offered for stock-watchers.


A perfect combination of stock market with financial news will be served by Bloomberg. This app is not restricted to portfolios and stocks instead it provides enough of information for the casual traders. You need not dig up the usual exchanges as you will get all kinds of world markets.

Above mentioned apps are the perfect ones that you can never deny. There are many more amazing apps that are designed by developers. There are many financial firms who have hired the developers for getting customized apps. You can get the assistance of internet to get an app that can meet your personal or professional needs and can suit your mobile compatibility.

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