Top 5 Daily Routines That Will Make You Happier and Healthier

Living a life that is healthy and happy is something that can be developed. Being happy entails expressing gratitude and appreciating the things you do and face in your life. The smile you wear reflects the way your day is going. While life is full of challenging moments, you can live a joyous life by making lifestyle changes to help in coping better every day. The world was created to be a better place for every living thing. Being the most intelligence of all the species, human beings should be reaping the best from the gift of life. By adopting the following five daily routines, you can bring a whole new meaning to the person you think you are:

  1. Exercise Regularly

Your body was made to enable in moving around. For it to remain mobile, you should engage in physical activities every time you can. Exercises should form an important part of your daily routine. It is a fun way to keep you healthy while stimulating the production of hormones and brain chemicals that define your mood. Exercises help in improving circulation to ensure that all the cells in your body are receiving adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients. While you don’t have to hit the gym every day, simple physical activities like jogging, walking, climbing stairs or biking can bring happiness and improve your health.


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  1. Consume Healthy Foods

Irrespective of the level of your physical activity, eating healthy meals is paramount in improving the quality of your life. Food helps to fuel your body, maintain your immune system and body functions. You must have heard it over a thousand times that not all foods are healthy. Some may load toxins and harmful compounds in your body and trigger health complications. Studies have shown that consumption of fruits and vegetables that are high in nutritional value can boost many things including longevity. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids from fish, nuts and leafy greens should be part of your diet. Along with healthy diet protein and complex carbohydrates like whole grains or brown rice, eating healthy foods can make you happier, according to studies.


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  1. Get Enough Sleep

Just like healthy foods and regular exercises, ensuring that you rest enough every night will keep you healthier and happier. If you doubt, party for the better part of the night and report to work as usual the next day and you will feel like the world isn’t just the better place. Aim to sleep for about seven and a half hours and don’t turn away from the occasional naps during the day. Naps refresh your mind to boost your performance, which enables you to complete tasks earlier. But don’t take pills or drink excessively to help you fall asleep. And note that sleep deprivation is a risk factor for chronic illnesses and poor quality of life.

  1. Be Optimistic

You go to bed every night with the hope of waking up the following day. Is that right? Optimism entails expecting that the best will happen. Your perspective defines the turn of events. If you anticipate that something good is going to happen, chances are it will. In morning “today is another great day to be happy and healthy.” Go about your regular tasks with the hope of making the best out of every minute. You will be amazed to see how your day was happy and enjoyable before you retire to bed. Yoga and meditation can help in turning you an optimistic person. In fact, studies indicate that people who practice yoga or meditation tend to be healthier and happier than those who don’t.

  1. Have Fun

There is so much fun in making your life as enjoyable as you can. Having fun gives you an opportunity to interact with others and your inner self much better. It’s a great way to thank your body, soul and mind. Whether it’s chatting with friends, watching favorite shows, listening to music or dancing with your kids, every enjoyable moment you create comes with many health benefits to make you better and love this life in sound health. However, avoid lifestyle habits that are tailored for fun but bring mess at the end of the day, such as excessive alcohol use and illicit drugs. They can lead to regrets.


There is nothing as good as living a healthy and enjoyable life every day. Although challenges are at times unavoidable, you can always live at your best by adopting these five daily routines. They will not only improve your health but also make your life a lot better. Do all that is healthy and interesting for an improved quality of life. Wish you the best!


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