Top 3 Social Media Activities Students Should Never Do

The youngsters now don’t want another set of rules to follow. But social media or social networking sites (SNS) are greatly and widely used by teenagers and students and with that, there must be a great responsibility on utilizing it. While social networking sites are great tools in a lot of ways, there are things that make it bad somehow.


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 Students nowadays – whether you are in high school or attending a university – are using internet and the social media for some reasons. One, for academic needs and secondly, for online social activities. There are times that students become irresponsible for using the social media. These things done by the students can ruin their education and will have a negative impact on their future career. Well, it will also totally hurt other people’s feelings.

Now, let’s talk about these things that students should avoid when using the social media and be a responsible adult.

Posting of illegal activities – What are those? Posting a video of you and your friends doing trash-can-tipping adventure or vandalizing school property or even the walls outside your school/neighborhood. It will be most likely that these students will receive school expulsion that can greatly affect their lives for having a police record. The video they posted will have a long term consequences in their lives.

Remember that setting your profile privately will not guarantee a safer way for receiving punishment. There will be a friend of yours or someone you know that will download or save a copy of that particular video and can be use against you in the future. What you can do is review your social media profile’s content and information. In this way, you can remove all unwanted photos and videos.

Bullying –  The number one serious problem among schools these days. Physical abuse like punching in the face, cursing and hateful words throwing in to one of the students, or even demanding to copy assignments. Often times, these activities can lead to violence, depression, discrimination and the worse of all, suicide. We have been reading a lot news online in the recent months about high school students took their own lives because they were bullied by their classmates. Bullying does not only ends in the school, social media can have a big role on this. Students can now post hurtful words through their social media profiles and tag or mention that particular student.

Always read your school policy book about bullying and you can take action about this when you tell this to authorities.

Plagiarism and lying/cheating –  So, you want an extension for the deadline of your research paper and asked your teacher to allow you because you are attending your grandfather’s “funeral” and then, that night you attended a party and posted a photo of you having a blast on Facebook or Instagram. Expect that your teacher will going to find out about it and most likely receive an F for your research paper.

Same goes to crafting any academic paper, professors will most likely find out if you only copy and paste your work from an online academic site. Remember that there are ways to find out if your paper is not entirely made by you. When applying for college admission, they are mindful when it comes to academic achievement, so they will know if you are saying the truth or just claiming things that are not yours.

These top three activities on social media sites must be avoided at all. Students must be responsible about their doings online because it will affect their future and may ruin it just like that. Social media sites are made for fun and lend a help for people, so we must use them wisely and responsibly.

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