Tips for A Successful UPSC Civil Services Personality Test/Interview

The UPSC Civil Services Interview is conducted just after the declaration of results of the mains exam. Since, the number of candidates cleared the UPSC mains exam would be double the number of vacancies, the civil service examination interview is given a lot of importance. The personality test of the successful candidates is conducted in Delhi at the UPSC Office under various boards.

Important Qualities considered in the UPSC Personality Test

Here are some listed qualities that are considered to rate a candidate during the interview:

● Clarity of expression

● Grasp of descriptive and argument

● Reasoning ability

● Appreciation of different points of view

● Concern and awareness for socio-economic problems

● ranges and depth of interests and personal attributes relevant to interaction with people

These qualities are aimed to evaluate the candidate’s personality whether he/she is possess the quality to be a competent administrator or not. There are some other qualities other than the intelligence and overall personality development based on which a candidate is assessed like:

● a candidate’s attentiveness

● balance of judgement

● qualities of honesty, integrity and leadership

Therefore preparation for the civil services exam interview requires a thorough planning.

The commission looks for some features in the candidate and takes a decision based on it whether he/she is eligible for a career in Civil Services India or not.

Here are some preparing tips for UPSC Interview:-

Preparation for civil services interview is a never ending process. Here are some tips that would be useful for a candidate appearing for UPSC Interview:

● Comprehensive reading of books, journals, magazines and newspapers

● Work on your conversational skills including the pronunciation

● Be prepared to answer questions based on your curriculum vitae (CV) like your

background, hobbies, extra-curricular activities and etc.

● Discuss current affairs and recent issues in the newspaper with friends.

● Take mock interviews and discussion groups.

● Make a self analysis based on your strength and weaknesses and work consistently as well as make conscious effort to play on his strengths.


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Few favorable tips to succeed in UPSC Interview:-

● Maintain a positive body language

● Ensure a right attitude and have a good personal group

● Answer questions clearly and confidently

● Remain calm and composed even if the question is provocative

● Answer to the point and try not to get a elaborate explanation

● Wear decent and modest attire for the interview

Some Points on Dont’s in the UPSC Interview:-

● Avoid saying ‘I am Sorry’ unnecessarily

● Don’t use conversational phrased like ‘obviously‘, of course’, ‘as you know’, etc

● Don’t use slang

● Maintain a pleasant temperament (in case the board laughs on some joke, make sure you just smile because if you burst out laughing, it may leave a bad impact

● Don’t give long self-introduction

● Do not make quick or comprehensive general statement

● Do not show overconfidence or arrogance while trying to defend your answer

● Do not make unnecessary body gestures like movements of your head, hands, and your body.

● Do not leave the interview hall until you are asked to do so

The candidates require the minimal percentage of 55 that is prescribed by the UPSC for the test. However, a candidate has to generally score about 58 percent marks to get into Class I service. If a candidate scores 60 percent, the commission will give the candidate an opportunity to choose his/her choice of service. This makes a well known fact that the marks scored in the interview or personality test plays a determining role in the final selection of candidates.

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