Superyachts: How the Rich Travel

While the majority of us organize summer vacations at the seaside through various travel agencies, booking hotels and renting cars, there are a lucky select few who can travel and not worry with mundane problems like this. You’ve probably never seen them on the beach, because they don’t ever have to land. These are, of course, the superrich yacht owners, dotting the horizon with sleek, white ships in every major seaside city. It is interesting to note that even the moguls have some sort of hierarchy among them. Some will come ashore, meet people, and ask a lucky few holidaymakers to come over to their yacht tomorrow, for lunch. Some, however, own such immense extravagance that very, very few people have ever even seen their megayachts, except from afar. This is how the top 1% travel.

In order to build a yacht, future owners have to hire multiple companies and top designers, invest enormous amounts of money, and since they’re already at it, most of them want their vessel to be the best in the world. Once they finally set sail, these superyachts carry crews of hundreds, and special attention is given to up-keeping the privacy of the interior, and most importantly, the owner. The most skilled shipwrights, the world’s best security systems to exclusivity and privacy contracts, the yacht owners will do anything in order to keep their personal life away from prying eyes.

It is almost impossible to get photos of the interiors of these yachts, but the few that have been approved for distribution display immense wealth. Below are the 4 most expensive yachts in the world, the cruising synonyms for opulence and luxury.

4. The Dubai – $350 million

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai the city, also owns Dubai the superyacht. It comes with several Jacuzzis, sunlit patios, and hand-tiled pools. The impressive interior, handset mosaics, glass spiral staircases are not all – The Dubai also comes with a heliport, capable of carrying a helicopter weighing 9.5 tons.

The Dubai – $350 million

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3. Azzam – $650 million

The superyacht Azzam was owned by sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the former president of UAE and the Emir of Abu Dhabi. This is the longest yacht in the world, at a whopping 180 meters, and it is very likely the fastest in the world as well, capable at going 55 km/h. Little is known about the Azzam, other than its lavish interior was created by the French designer Christophe Leoni, who described it as sophisticated and luxurious, modeled in the Empire style.

Azzam – $650 million

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2. The Streets of Monaco – $1.1 billion

English Yacht Island Design came up with an innovative approach to water based luxury – an island that resembles a street in Monaco, or rather, a model version of Monte Carlo. Much like the real thing, the “streets” are crowded with scaled reproductions of the most famous sights in town – Cafe de Paris, Hotel de Paris, the world-famous Casino de Monte Carlo, the Grand Prix, and La Rascasse. The megayacht is bedecked with swimming pools, tennis courts, and apartments for 16 people, within the prominent Atrium. These lush chambers are modeled after the most luxurious hotels in Monaco, and each has its own bathroom, walk-in dresser, balcony, and salon. The luxurious penthouse spreads over 3 floors, and it is reserved for the very wealthy yacht owner. The Streets of Monaco also comes with restaurants, cafes, an artificial waterfall, a helicopter, and a submarine.

the streets of monaco

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1. The Eclipse – $1.5 billion

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic is the proud owner of the luxury yacht “The Eclipse”, and rumor has it that he paid $1.5 billion for this getaway. It is 160 meters long, making it second to only Azzam. It comes with two pools, 24 guest rooms, and a discotheque, as well as 3 additional vessels, two heliports, and a mini-sub capable of submerging as low as 50 meters. The submarine has an intruder detection system, and a missile-based defense system. The master bedroom and the bridge are bulletproof, and the paparazzi barrier consists of a laser circling in the vicinity. If it detects a camera, it shines into and blinds the equipment.

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