Retail Therapy – Online Shopping Experience!

“Shopping is a good way to fix your mood”. They don’t simply say this.


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A research says that retail therapy- – far from being empty and superficial – can be an ‘effective way to minimize sadness.’ It’s casual when people say shopping will fix the mood. This is proved true by an investigation conducted by the University of Michigan. They claim “retail therapy” should not anymore be dismissed as it might assist people overcome melancholy .

Urban Retail Therapy

Today almost everything is just a click away. Even fixing one’s mood is just a click away. Retail shopping is more online than physical online retailers see a lot of sales increase in the past 13 years. Today consumers visit a store, check out all the goodies and then log on to a website to compare prices. 45% of Millennials spend more than an hour a day looking at retail-oriented websites. Online consumers are offered the best deals with a lot of options. The hassle of delivery is also taken care of by the website. The recent add on that these online retailers came up with was the “same day delivery” and the “30 day return policy” (for apparel) which seemed to interest many frequent online shoppers. Statistics say there has been over 150 per cent increase in shopping via smart phones, such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, compared to a year ago. Retail Therapy usually involves purchasing for personal use, and the 3 main reasons why they choose to shop online are because it is very easy to use, it involves enjoyment, and it is super fast.

According to a recent study it is said that 192 million U.S customers will shop online in the year 2016 spending almost $327 billion online. Each shopper will spend around $1,738 in 2016

Image Credit: today is known as earth’s most customer- centric company , as customers can find almost anything they might want on their website for the lowest possible prices. Technology has a huge role in helping Amazon to offer the wide range of products that they do today. Starting from books, to music, to jewellery they have it all. Today hundreds and thousands of world-class retail brands and individual retailers use Amazon as a platform to increase their sales. ensures customers are satisfied with anything that they choose to buy from their site. 42% of consumers say they shop online because of better prices. Amazon today is one of those websites that sell groceries. They ensure that the delivery is done on the same day. They also help the buyer by segregating the products by packing them in different bags. Thus making the life of an Amazon shopper very comfortable.

Image Credit: is an Indian online grocery startup which is one of India’s largest online food and grocery store. They have over 10,000 products and over 1000 brands to choose from, starting from fruits and vegetables to personal care and meats, they have everything. This website as of today functions only in 3 cities in India, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. They are one of those websites that is like a savior to the working women in India. Online food retailing is pretty mature in the West and shows a lot of growth in countries like China. It is only now that Indian shoppers are getting into the groove of buying food online. uses simple end-to-end technology solutions to offer deep discounts on grocery products. With technology playing a key proem they are generally trying to make a dent in the estimated$343 billion food and grocery market in India

For online retailers to stay sustainable the most important tech application is the ability to predict customer behavior.

The line between occasional retail therapy and shopping addiction is somewhat blurry. But if there are more online retailers to come up soon this line will soon be very clear.

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Author : Tripti Chordia

This guest post was submitted by Tripti Chordia, She is the CMO at doodleblue, a mobile app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients . She has completed her masters in Advertising & Marketing from Leeds University and performed at a few media houses prior to doodleblue .

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