Keep Your Teeth Healthy, Avoid Heart Diseases!

These days people are aware about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy . But what people are unaware is that the teeth and heart are interlinked. If the teeth are kept health, your heart remains healthy. You may be wondering, what connection does the teeth and heart has According to the recent study, it has been proved that people suffering from periodontal diseases i.e. gum diseases, tooth decay and tooth loss are likely more prone to heart conditions.

Keep your teeth healthy,

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Hence may not only affect your heart but also your outer look which may even lead to psychological problems like inferiority complex, hence many dental clinics provide their patients, dental implants in nyc.

Gum disease may be caused by the inflammation of the tissues on the gum part of the teeth. The teeth are connected to the heart with many arteries. Severe gum diseases may lead to the formation of plaques in these blood vessels which will eventually cause blood clots leading to heart attacks. The causes of the gum disease are smoking, drinking, bacterial infection, unhealthy food habits and diabetes. Thus brushing the teeth with care will help to avoid gum problems and also eventually your heart.

Apart from heart attack, a heart condition called endocarditic is also more frequent due to poor oral conditions. This is the infection which affects the outer the chambers of the heart . This is caused by the same exact bacteria which cause gum disease. Apart from the heart condition, gum diseases also cause diabetes, cancer, premature birth, eating disorders, arthritis and stroke. Hence almost all the dental clinics provide periodontal treatment cost at lower prices.

Some of the symptoms which help you in identifying the gum diseases are: sensitivity, bad breath, redness and swelling, pain when chewing and sour taste in the mouth. If one of the above problems persists, it is advisable to take help of a dentist immediately. Some people already persists cardiovascular diseases during the time of onset of dental problems. Such people are advised to take extra care on their oral health care, as dental problems in people with heart conditions tend to cause more problems.

Some of the daily precautions that should be taken in order to avoid such problems are:

  • The patient needs to brush more carefully, twice a day with anti-gingivitis toothpaste.
  • Make sure the patient takes healthy diet containing all the necessary nutrients.
  • Regular dental checkup should be done for every 6 months
  • Stay away from from harmful habits such as smoking drinking.
  • If one follows the above precautions, you will be able avoid heart problems.

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This guest post has been written by Mitch Harmatz, he is a blogger, completed Master of Science (MS) in Economics for Development. He loves to write on freebies, news, health related topics, tips, solutions & tutorials for the website design community .

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  1. Joseph A. Jones says:

    Mitch- Great article!! very good tips, definitely I will follow these daily precautions to avoid these diseases. Thanks for sharing!!

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