Ideal Games for Your Bucks Party

It is fun to organize a bucks party & it only requires a good dose of creativity. There’re many ways to make the party interesting, however, the most fun way to get the party started is to do a few games. Do not forget to find games which will make everyone happy, prepare suitable wedding tees and most importantly, find ones which will make the night unforgettable; after all, it is not every day that a stag party is being held. Nevertheless, most games are designed in a way to bring the group together and to have fun all night long.

The chicken run

This game is all about looking ridiculous and trying to finish a drink before your friends find you. The point is to dress up as a chicken, get a pot of money and try to drink it. However, the rest of the group is split into teams and they have to find the chicken-man and when they do they get a round of drinks from the pot.

Ideal games for your bucks party

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The celebrity chug game

Playing the celebrity chug game is all about sharp wits and staying on your feet while you have fun. The rules are simple, one of the bucks says a celebrity name, and you must continue in the same manner by saying a celebrity name starting with the same letter. There are many house-rules to it, but generally it is about drinking and thinking quickly to stay witty.

Game of golf

Not everyone is a fan of golf, but everyone will surely like to play the pub golf game for their bucks party. A really simple, yet fun game; first you design the course of the field, whether it is a nine or 18 hole course, and then you go about drinking in or under the required strokes or gulps. Furthermore, you can spice up the game by adding additional rules, but be careful not to get too competitive.

A simple game of truth or dare

Everyone knows how to play the buck truth or dare, but there is a slight twist on this one, it is actually a back-firing truth or dare. In essence, have everyone write down a truth and dare, and when everything is in a hat, have everyone do their own.

The candyman game

This is perhaps the crème de la crème of the bucks party games, as it combines a taste for the sweet and for women. The goal of the game is pretty simple, every buck gets a necklace made of candy and they have to hit the town and have each piece of candy eaten off by different random women.

Get the party started

In the end, it is all about a matter organizing and finding the best game that you, the main buck and the others will enjoy. After all, it is a party, and everyone has to make sure that the night will be unforgettable. Many games can be altered by adding house rules, or by inventing your own one, but only the fun factor matters. Remember that a game should be within reasonable limits and that you should not try to pull off something crazy, as someone might get hurt; you are there to have fun and to make it last throughout the whole night.

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