Enhance Your Mobile E-Commerce Sales With Creative Design Patterns

The trend of using internet on smartphones is increasing day by day. People are preferring to buy and sell online from smartphones day by day as a replacement of desktop computers because in the mobile, they can buy and sell anything regardless of time and location. For example, go to the US and you will find that majority of the public shops online through their smartphones. That’s why online business owners are creating mobile-optimized websites more and more due to the increasing trends of shopping through smartphones. For this purpose, many website development companies are now introducing different design patterns of a website to view clearly on mobiles that are converting the websites into great e-mobile ecommerce platforms. According to a research, it is proved that 67% of people in the world prefer to shop online if they found the website smartphone-friendly.

In this article, you will see different sections of websites that how can we design them mobile-friendly. Come let’s discuss in detail:

Home Pages

If you browse any website on your mobile then you will mostly find such websites that have less content and more about to help the visitors about what they are looking for. It is good and it should be like it. On the other hand, the home page contains simple single-columned layouts that are created for promotions. Secondly, single-columned lists should be created to feature different areas of the website as well as product categories. Like desktop views, also include the feature of keywords search in the home page view of a mobile website.


Image Credit: mobify.com

Navigations in Home Page

As many professional web development companies consider home page as a main navigation hub, they also include different navigation menus to the page, mostly in the header. Its benefit is that when the user comes to the website then he can jump from one page to another without going to the home page. There are many large e-commerce websites that don’t have many navigation options displayed at once. So don’t worry. Actually the purpose is to balance the visual design of the navigation with the architecture of website. So, they consider different number of items very carefully in the global navigation. So, it is recommended to the website developers that they continuously use website analytics to find out that which menu is clicked by the shoppers.

Navigations in Home Page

Image Credit: coderavenue.com

Option of Search Suggestion

All the websites add the suggested search options to their websites that displays potential results related to the user’s search query. Shoppers highly prefer to search specially their search terms are long. But you have to limit the search terms till some characters by bonding them to a wrong character typed by the user. If a user types correct search query then he finds the relevant results and whenever he types wrong then the search is immediately stopped. This is the best method to design search suggestion option. One more thing is that the developers enable the auto-suggestion option in the website to reduce the time of timing to write queries.

Option of Search Suggestion

Image Credit: coderavenue.com

Design of Product Pages

These are the most important pages of a website (specially an e-commerce store). A product page consists of many elements such as tab, title, product description, image of the product, etc. Product pages are long as well as short. If we talk about long product pages then they require more scrolling as well as the shoppers require more effort to find their specific need. It is my personal experience that the shoppers are mostly prefer such long pages that are broken into logical chunks rather than scrolling on a single page. So, design the long product pages according to this logic.

Design of Product Pages

Image Credit: webdesignerdepot.com

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