Discovering the Apps Mystique

There are over 1million Apps available, and this is only for the four leading smartphones–Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Apple iPhone. In addition, more Apps are created everyday adding to this humongous number. The Apps market has also generated a staggering US$12 billion in 2012 with 46 billion downloads. In fact, the number of downloads in 2012 is 55% of the aggregate number of downloads for the last 5 years. These figures are based on an article on Portio Research.

Almost every aspect of life has a corresponding mobile App that is supposed to make living easier and simpler. But trying to figure out Apps is like sailing in uncharted waters even for the most tech savvy users. For the uninitiated, the task is mind-boggling and absolutely daunting. It doesn’t come as a surprise therefore, that in spite of the huge number of available Apps and the tremendous increase in Apps downloads, and there are still a big number of smartphone users who are wary of using them. It is not because these smartphone users do not fully appreciate the usefulness of these Apps in their day to day lives. It is more the lack of understanding of the device’s functionality, and subsequently the Apps’ usability that hinder them.


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Unraveling a smartphone’s functionality

A smartphone is a mobile phone with multiple functions. It usually has a high-density display with features ranging from a web browser, camera and a whole gamut of multimedia selections. Some of these smartphones come with features that allow users to upgrade the device and an intuitive touchscreen so that users can access the device’s functions without any trouble.
What makes a smartphone run smoothly is its powerful micro-processor that enables a user to use more than one App or function at the same time. The cutting-edge operating system (OS) a smart phone is equipped with also give a smartphone user a smooth user experience. Some of these OS include the Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple’s iPhone OS, Research in Motion (RIM) for Blackberry, and Nokia’s Symbian OS.
The choice of a smartphone will depend on how or for what it will be used. If it will be used mostly for gaming then the best choice will be one with a plethora of games already on its game list. For extensive messaging and emailing, there are smartphones with advanced messaging capabilities.

Discovering smartphone Apps

Apps are downloadable software that add to the usefulness or functionality of smartphones. They could be an eBook reader App, an appointment setter App, traffic advisory App, social networking App, chat/video App, business management Apps, and so on. The possibilities are endless since Apps creators will come up with an App that they’ll find some use for in everyday life. These Apps are available in the App store of a specific OS or in other independent App markets or providers.
For majority of the Net Generation or digital natives, all these information are unnecessary. They seem to have an instinctive wisdom when it comes to technological advances. But for many of those who are a shade older, and for most of the older generation, all these information are meaningless not because they are unwilling to learn but because they are unable to. The learning curve for these people is quite high. They need the assistance of experts to embrace technology and discover the Apps mystique.

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