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Nokia Lumia 735 – An Upcoming Phone with Incredible Hardware & Windows OS magic

Nokia has launched Lumia 735 as a selfie mobile as the front camera is a 5 MP one. Nokia has tried to encash the latest selfie trend by offering a mobile phone

Retail Therapy – Online Shopping Experience!

“Shopping is a good way to fix your mood”. They don’t simply say this. A research says that retail therapy- – far from being empty and superficial – can be an ‘effective

5 Best iPhone Apps for Businessman

If you are a businessman who heart and soul lies in his or her work, you must consider convenience in running your business. In the past you may have used desktop or

Top 5 Samsung Mobiles with Features and Price

Samsung is extremely prominent company under front area of roving telephones. They lie at both back place among roving merchandising in the Indian market. See all the last Samsung mobiles in India

Nokia XL – Flexibility of Android, packed in a stylish body

This year, the Mobile World Congress was a big one for Nokia. Reason? Well they showcased their long rumoured android smartphones. While they were expected to be powerful, they all turned out

How Fit is Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Are you a fitness freak? This is surely your read. Now your wristwatch could be your fitness band too. Having covered the major part of Android smartphone market, Samsung is now all

What’s rising / What’s falling: Know stock market updates with iPhone applications

iPad is an amazing tool when it comes to managing the finances, so why you must consider monitoring and checking the stocks as an exception? Apple has done amazing job by providing

Protect your Smartphone and Tablet with an Antivirus

Today, we are living in the twenty first century, where using Tablet or Smartphone has become the recent trend. People of all ages enjoy using these highly developed gadgets because of their

Review of the iMovie App for iPhone and iPad

Apple (but to be fair, other smartphone manufacturers as well) is really making it look like it won’t be too long before we’ll be able to use our mobile devices to perform

How iOS 7 impacts iPhone app development

At the WWDC, Apple showed off its latest operating system: the iOS7. The new iOS is currently in Beta mode for developers, and the full version is due for release this fall.