“Alone” Game Review, Available on iOS and Android

The endless runner games are quite simple yet they keep you glued to the screen for hours. After the most ubiquitous game PUK, the developer Laser Dog has now brought for us a powerful survival journey through space in the side scrolling game “Alone”.

This utterly addictive game can be compared to “Canabalt” except that you are in a spaceship testing your patience while navigating caves, dodging comets and different pieces of clutter and rocks. By using just one finger you can race through space in an extraordinarily linear fashion as the controls are unbelievably perfect.

Alone is the most gripping game I have seen on Android and iOS for some time. Alone quickly sets aside the thought that hardcore racing games and puzzle games, particularly in Android are the most popular mobile phone games. Alone can give any game a good run for its money, even flappy bird! And since it is available in both Android and iOS now, this makes it even more compelling.


One of the most essential things that makes “Alone” different from the other games in this genre, is that it gives you a bit of leniency in the shape of a regenerating shield. The shield protects the player from small obstructions. The bigger debris destroys the shield for a few seconds. The other comforting thing in the game is the indicator which warns you of the big incoming hazards and helps you to get out of the way before it kills you. There is also a marker which shows your highest previous score. The controls are inverted by default due to which your fingers do not block the view of the ship. This feature could be turned off if you are not comfortable using the inverted controls.

Gameplay, design and graphics

In order to unlock the difficulty modes and bonus levels, you have to reach a certain distance in the previous level. The survival gets tougher as you advance the game. In order to continue you must be ready to make quick turns to pass through the narrow spaces. “Alone” provides the player with hours of action filled arcade experience even after repetitive plays.

The designers have done a remarkable job by keeping the design simple yet eye-catching. The background colour changes after every 1000 meters which is also the sign of increase in the difficulty level. Each level has a different fast paced music which makes the game more enjoyable as the music alone is sufficient to make this game worth playing.

"Alone" Game Review

Image Credit: play.google.com


“Alone” is no doubt one of the most addictive endless running games. Even after playing it countless times you would not want to put the phone down. The full game comes with a cheap price tag of $1.99. This game would keep the excitement in your life alive while you would be comparing your scores with your friends online. The clean design and the fantastic music with brilliant controls make it quite irresistible. And due to its addictive nature, it can be time consuming but fun nevertheless.

“Alone” Game for iOS and Android : Click here to download 

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